EP – Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Remember this name

Knowing that tonight, she was destined to be in jeopardy, she removed both hands against his chest, dropped her eyelashes and resembled the look of someone who has just been slaughtered.

In her anxiety, her eyelashes shivered slightly.

Acting dead?!

Mu Tianye lowered his head.

“Look at me!”

She struggled to lift her lashes up but still couldn’t dare to look straight at him. Her eyes dangled right on his chest.

At the sight of his chest line, her small face turned crimson. Usually, she and Ye Qiao would talk about undewear male models. But now that the real thing is in front of her eyes, she still couldn’t get used to it.

So, her vision moved down again just to see his abs, her heart tightened even more and immediately raised her eyes. She didn’t want to see the long needle that should not be seen.

– Just as she lifted her face up, she crashed into dilated pupils.

“Say my name.”


“Remember this name!” Mu Tianye tipped her chin up. “And remember, there’s one thing I hate the most —— betrayal.”

The finger carressed her lips as he took a light breath.

“Never have a go on this, or else, you’ll regret ever knowing me!”

Mu Tianye never believed in love. In his opinion, the so-called love is just an excuse for men and women to satisfy their own ****.

He has always had low interest in women and hated wasting time on them.

Only two things are important in his world: One – work, two – money

There were countless women who were sent to him but they only made him sick. He is clear at heart that they were only eyeing his status….

If not for his grandfather who proposed this marriage and that he was the only descendant of the Mu family who needs an heir, he would never marry.

At the age of marriage, he also needed a wife, but just like a vase in his office, with good looks and a necessary decoration….

The marriage was nothing more than a deal, no different than every business he had.

And his requirements for a wife were only two: One – pure, two- obedient!

After the two families talked about it, he had seen photos of Ning Xiaofei. The girl in the photos did not apply any powder and her eyebrows were very neat. Her looks wouldn’t humiliate him when taken out.

Of course, he also asked his assistant to look up Ning Xiaofei’s profile, her life experiene, her history, her weight, her height, her blood type, her performance in school…… He knows everything.

Since it was a business deal, of course, he wanted to know the situation of the other party, if it was worth his money.

He believed that Ning Xiaofei was qualified so he agreed to the marriage contract. As for the Jia’s land, it was only a bonus. He didn’t care much about it.

After getting in contact with her in reality, he discovered that the girl’s appearance was significantly different from that shown in her photos. She seemed well-behaved but wild to the bones.

This isn’t a bad thing. Since, she is his woman, she should not be too mediocre. If she is too submissive, she’d bore him to death.

Since they are married and she is his woman, he could pamper her properly or indulge her a little, but she must understand one thing.

Never betray him, that’s his bottom line!


Ning Xiaofei gently nodded.


“I’ll remember.”

“Very good.”

Mu Tianye removed the finger on her lips satisfactorily and covered her lips with his.

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