Chapter 20

Chapter 20: I’m supposed to be that cool.

On these two days, the people in Tianqi spared time to exchange jokes after eating their meals.

That is, after the second Miss of the Feng Family married the sickly fool of the Yun Family, on their wedding night at the nuptial chamber, with the dreadful makeup on her face, she actually scared the fool and sent him straight to death.

Although the send master was silly, he has always been the jewel in Mrs. Yun’s heart.

Originally, the Yun family was anxious to marry him with the Feng’s daughter in an attempt to expel any evil forces and make him happy. Who would have thought that the celebration would turn into a funeral instead.

The Yun’s were furious.

The Yun family is one of the four respected major families in Tianqi. And at present, they are particularly dissatisfied with the Feng Family. At first, they even planned on uniting the two families and annex the Feng’s with the Yun’s.

But at this point, the Feng’s are really in the midst of fire.

Feng Zhaoyang collapsed on the side of the chair while listening to the news his people reported. He finally understood the meaning behind Feng Chuge’s words.

His face was so white that no trace of blood could be seen.

In the end, he looked into the dark looking like he has made his mind up and upon sunrise, he got up and headed to a place….

The fifteenth of each month is the day when the Treasure Pavilion auctions items.

Today is the fifteenth day which is the day of the auction of exotic treasures mentioned by Qinglian not too long ago.

In the morning, Feng Chuge packed up with the others to go to the Treasure Pavilion.

The little figure of Achen was sitting on the side. When Feng Chuge passed by, she asked, “Achen, we are going to the Treasure Pavilion, would you like to go with us?”

Achen remained still on the side with not a least bit of expression on his little face, “Don’t want to.”

“There will candies to eat, if you don’t have candy, you’re not cool.”

Achen made a face and that immature face of his, a chill that of an adult settled in, “Woman, let me say it again. Don’t take me as a child. Also, I’m not playing it cool, I am cool!!”

Feng Chuge stretched her lips, “Okay, don’t go if you don’t want to. Wait at home. Wait for sister and don’t run around…”

Achen suddenly raised his head and a firm flash of light glittered in the depth of his eyes as if to emphasize what he was about to say, “Woman, you are not my sister, you will be my wife.”

Feng Chuge’s lips curled up some more, “Okay, you stay here. Remember not to run around.”

“En!” Achen nodded twice, and the light that passed through his eyes seemed to be due to the promise from Feng Chuge.

After ensuring Achen’s safety, Feng Chuge called again, Zilan, Biluo, Luzhu, let’s go ~~”

Treasure Pavilion is the largest auction house in Tianqi. Every month, the Treasure Pavilion will auction all precious items collected in the last 30 days.

At this time, rumor has it that Treasure Pavilion has obtained several types of raw herbs for medicine and were to be auctioned.

There aren’t many who needed medicinal herbs. Generally speaking, only some refining pharmacists need them. Coupled with the rarity of the raw materials, few people came to participate in the auction.

Today’s Treasure Pavilion is somewhat deserted but it didn’t affect the auction.

As Qinglian has mentioned before, today’s auction site, there are two of the five herbs that Achen needed, –

Thousands of liquid (Qiān lí yè) and Hundred cycles of water (bǎi zhuǎn shuǐ)

These two were to be auctioned last as a finale.

“Miss, the more expensive the items, the more people who’d rob them.”

“This has nothing to do with me, I just want the last two ——”

“Miss, what do you want the medicinal herbs for? Can you refine pills for immortality?”

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