Chapter 54

Chapter 54: “Relatives” gone

On one side of his chest, two soft masses can be felt through his pajamas. He could still feel the softness of the girl, she was even bare naked. — what’s even more annoying was that the head of the stinky girl gathered beside his, and her steady breathing glided over the tip of his ear….

Dead girl, get her nose in his face, isn’t she? With her relative coming, she even dared to sleep naked. Knowing that he wouldn’t fight a bloody battle, she was being deliberate, isn’t she?

As hot blood rushed somewhere, Mu Tianye sat up fiercely and flipped the quilt open. The man turned over and grabbed her by the shoulder.

“Ning Xiaofei, wake up!”

Ning Xiaofei was sleeping soundly when she was suddenly left cold in air. With talons scratching her shoulders, she was awakened from her heavy sleep.

Her eyes opened sharply and focused on the blurry man in front of her. She was startled at first when she recognized Mu Tianye from the dim light from the nightstand, then immediately turned a blind eye on him.

In her drowsy state, she didn’t realize that the one in front of her was the real deal and only thought that she must be dreaming. She thought he must be trying to deprive her of a good night’s sleep so she felt annoyed.

People in their dreams, of course, wouldn’t be polite to him.

“Why are you so haunting, leave me alone!”

He is bothering her?

Okay, Ning Xiaofei, you’ve got guts!

Mu Tianye raised his hand and pulled off the belt of his pajamas. He took off his clothes and threw them down. Grabbing her calf, he reached out and pinched her underwear. He then pulled it down and threw it away without looking at it.

Today, even if she has a river of blood, he must sleep with her!

The initially confused Ning Xiaofei, now has a few points of sobriety. She reopened her eyes and gawked at Mu Tianye. She realized in an instant that this wasn’t a dream.

She braced herself and made an effort to free her calf.

“Asshole, you… let me go!”

Let go?

Don’t think about it!

Mu Tianye held her two arms down, then she was pulled out and was slammed in front of him.

Raising her eyes to the man’s fire-breathing eyes, Ning Xiaofei’s sleepiness has long since vanished.

At this moment, she only has two words in her mind.

She’s finished!

Tonight, she’s definitely done for!

She had never considered that he would be in her room, and has never imagined that he would take off her clothes; but she had not made any false pretences this evening, if he finds out her great aunt really didn’t comeโ€ฆโ€ฆ

She shivered just thinking about it. She hurried with her explanation.

“I…my flows are little every time, just…two more days!”

He is grown man so he should understand this. She isn’t sure she could get away with it.

Mu Tianye glanced at the little underwear he had thrown at the corner of the bed, clean and milky white with no trace of blood.

So, her “relative” is gone?

No wonder she dared to throw herself at him just now. If he had known, he wouldn’t have had to endure until now.

Mu Tianye is learned and accomplished, but he was a man after all. He certainly has not much knowledge on women. Mad at heart, naturally, he didn’t spare no more thoughts on it.

Squeezing her legs apart, he leaned over and held one arm over her head.

Looking at his magnifying face, Ning Xiaofei inhaled anxiously.

“Husband, I… I really…”

Thinking that the man has seen through her, she opened her mouth in a struggle that she “didn’t deliberately trick him” or something.

“Shut up!”

Mu Tianye’s throat was dry and he really wanted to drink her up.

“One more word, and I’ll throw you downstairs!”

The eyes of the man, such as flames burning in the night sea, revealing strength and arrogance, could devour and swallow everything….

Ning Xiaofei immediately zipped her lips.

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