Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Feng Zhaoyang’s shock

He turned around and blinked in disbelief at Feng Chuge behind him.

“What are you doing here?”

“If not here, then where should I be? It must be hard on you being the head of the family. Even your memory has gone bad. Isn’t today supposed to be my wedding today?” Feng Chuge said so facetiously.

It was clear that Feng Chuge was well aware of what was going to happen today and deliberately used it to deliver her own warning.

Feng Zhaoyang’s face paled in an instant.

If it’s not her who will be married……. well, then, there’s only……

He rushed to Feng Qianxue’s room but couldn’t find even her shadow.

“You did it! Didn’t you?” Feng Zhaoyang stared straight at Feng Chuge, as if he wanted to dig a hole through her.

A mocking smile curled on Feng Chuge’s lips . “What could a waste do? The Feng Family is really overestimating me. Hey, Feng Master, how is your face so ugly, isn’t it your daughter’s wedding day today? The Yun family is a first family in Tianqi. Why are you so unhappy?”

Feng Zhaoyang clenched his fists and suddenly sprang up front.

He is really fed up.

Since Feng Chuge’s return, Feng Zhaoyang clearly felt that the whole of Feng Family began to be unsettled. Not only that, but even he himself seemed to be easily played in the palm of Feng Chuge’s hand.

All the resentment from these days were vent out in a fury.

Feng Zhaoyang’s blow however, hit the spot where she was with real lethality!!

“Do you think you could escape this time? Your maids are not here. Today, I will kill you this waste and rid the people of harm!”

“Kill me?” Feng Chuge raised her brows slowly. A pair of deep eyes pierced Feng Zhaoyang. Red slips finally opened with a wintry smile as Feng Chuge spit out…”You, can you?”

When her words fell, Feng Chuge’s figure suddenly flashed and at that moment, an extremely powerful momentum suddenly emerged from her whole body!!

Two chilly imposing momentums collided with each other. A loud noise could only be heard in the air and the place where the two smashed gave birth to white smoke.

However, Feng Zhaoyang was struck into a retreat. One of his feet has left a deep mark across the ground.

Feng Zhaoyang clutched his own chest. Because of the violent impact just now, his heart was severely hurt.

But the shock from Feng Chuge surpassed the pain he was feeling at the moment.

He slowly looked up and scrutinized Feng Chuge….

“You…you are not a waste!!”

“I’m a waste….isn’t that the way you call me? Since you like to call me that way so much, then I reluctantly accept the name~ though, the name is not equivalent to strength.” Feng Chuge brushed a strand of hair scattered on her chest and retorted jokingly.

Feng Zhaoyang’s eyes revealed a powerful fear and regret.

Where is she still waste?

Obviously, her strength is above his!!

Nowadays, the strength of Feng Zhaoyang is at an intermediate spiritual master, which means that Feng Chuge has already surpassed the spiritual master level.

Above the Spirit Master, there’s Spirit General and even more…..

At the realization of this point, Feng Zhaoyang jerked down and held his breath.

This kind of strength, where is she a waste?

She’s clearly a genius!!

“You are not a waste! Not a waste…” Not knowing what Feng Chaoyang has thought of but laughed.

“Chuge, come back. It was your father who is wrong at first. If you come back, father promises to give the best resources of the Feng Family to you.”

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    1. hahaha, I went back on it. Me and my forgetfulness 🙂 I already updated it, you’re right on the bat. There was a part I think I might have deleted.


      1. i just re-read it again and now the story is fix the way it should go.. thank you fir your harr work 🙏🏻


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