Chapter 159 -162

Chapter 159: Kill me if you can

Luo Yibei looked faintly at the sheets she was holding, and slowly walked. He teased knowingly. “Why is your face so red, what are you thinking about?”

“There are still a lot of things waiting for me to do. I’ll go out first.” Fang Chixia answered awkwardly. She sorted things out of his bed hurriedly and walked out with the sheets.

She went all the way with crimson cheeks. She didn’t hand the sheets to the laundry man but took it with her to her room to hand wash.

Luo Yibei also stayed in the room all morning.

When he went down, Fang Chixia wasn’t in the lobby.

He was startled and proceeded to the garden.

The hotel was small but the view in the garden was very nice.

The afternoon sunlight was very warm and shone white falling like a soft touch.

The garden was very peaceful. Not far away, only Fang Chixia was sitting alone on a wicker chair.

Luo Yibei caught sight of her, walked several steps towards her, stood right next to her then explored her sleeping face.

Whenever she is asleep, she looks much more pleasing to the eye than usual, tranquil with a child-like innocence.

At this time, her usual unpleasant behavior was almost forgotten.

Luo Yibei spent some time perusing her. Seeing that she seemed a bit uncomfortable, he bent over with the intent of taking her up to her room.

Unexpectedly, Fang Chixia opened her eyes the moment he stretched out his arms.

Then, as if the tranquil look Luo Yibei had just seen was only product of his hallucinations, she viewed him with some dismay, and then forcefully jerked his hand off.

His hand stiffened and his face turned cold.

Does she still dislike him?

“Looking for death?” Dark and sullen, his tone has turned gloomy.

“Kill me if you can!” Lifting her face, Fang Chixia refused to show weakness.

She blurted it out without any second thoughts. She immediately regretted uttering such bold words the moment she uttered them.


“Kill?” Luo Yibei chewed her words out as his eyes gleamed with danger, “This is what you said!”

She was pushed back to the chair and covered with his body. He grabbed her clothes and began tearing them apart.

“Luo Yibei, what are you doing? We are in the garden! Get out of the way!” Aghast, Fang Chixia’s complexion paled in an instant, both her arms and legs struggled to get out. She got out under him and held the almost torn clothes together then rushed towards the hotel rooms in distress.

She ran speedily, stumbling along the way, almost like escaping.

The cold face of Luo Yibei admired her escape then followed behind with long legs.

When he came into the lobby, she wasn’t there, just the boss.

A French woman of 40 or so, as soon as he stepped in, she stared at him without blinking.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Yibei was puzzled with her stare and asked casually.

“Do you and Xia Xia know each other?” The boss called out Fang Chixia’s name kindly. Luo Yibei didn’t expect her to be so loveable whereever she goes.

“Yeah.” He looked at the woman, and spoke softly.

“Did you have a couple fight?” The woman asked again.

“Yeah.” Luo Yibei answered her once more.

After receiving a positive answer, the boss’s voice suddenly opened.

She stared him down and gave him a scolding, “I say, you shouldn’t have left your wife alone the day before, right? Now that you have found her after losing her, then engaging in a cold war, if you’ve known that, why haven’t you reflected on your wrong doings yet?”


Chapter 160: Best rule

She exploded not without reason;she meant no malice in saying so.

After venting, she looked at the ice-cold face of Luo Yibei and realized she must have said too much, her heart trembled in fright, stood up and walked away, “I still have something to deal with, I’m going first.”

Luo Yibei didn’t take her words to heart. He just turned around and continued on his way to find Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia knew she has provoked him. She hid from him in trepidation all afternoon until dinner time arrived. She wasn’t that lucky then.

Luo Yibei spent the latter part of the afternoon sitting outside the hotel lobby waiting for her. He had a look of indifference and when their eyes met, his gaze wasn’t sharp, even a little calm and composed.

Fang Chixia’s heart jumped inexplicably and after a glimpse at his face, she turned around and went to eat with LanXiu’s family.

She has only been there for two or three days, but has always been more congenial with the family.

LanXiu’s family gave off a warm feeling, particularly LanXiu’s mother.

When the family was dining, she even took out a bottle of wine she treasured for a long time and opened it for Fang Chixia. “Xia Xia, have a taste of this, it’s made with the grapes our family has planted. I brewed it myself!”

Fang Chixia didn’t push her good intentions off. She drank a glass.

By the time the meal was officially started, her head was already dizzy.

They haven’t started yet when out of the blue, LanXiu’s mother’s eyes suddenly turned to Luo Yibei, who was sitting on the sofa not far away, “Would you like to dine with us?”
Luo Yibei didn’t expect her to be so hospitable.

After some considerations, he joined the table of the few people.

LanXiu was a considerate child. When he reached them, he automatically gave up his position beside Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia was already a bit tipsy but LanXiu’s mother continued to pour her a drink.

Luo Yibei was unable to continue watching on the side and helped her block a few cups.

For the dinner, because of four glasses of wine on an empty stomach, Fang Chixia felt some discomfort and wasn’t able to eat well.

In the end, the heavy feeling worsened. She shoved her chair back ready to get up, but upon rising up, she couldn’t stand still and swayed left and right.

“I’ll take her to her room.” Luo Yibei took advantage of the opportunity to put his arms around her. He carried her up and walked towards her room.

Drunk and in his arms, Fang Chixia looked at his face and couldn’t control cursing at him.

“Luo Yibei, you’re a bastard!” Her eyes were sparkling, hazy with a layer of mist. When she said so, there was nothing hostile in her tone. On the contrary, it was gruff and tender.

Looking around, the coquettish timbre of her voice that seeped through his bones almost made Luo Yibei lose control.

Luo Yibei has never seen her like this. Staring at her misty eyes, he bent over for a kiss. Who would have thought that Fang Chixia would raise her arm and swing it past his face.

“How could you leave me in that place that day!” She voiced out her grievance with a tinge of anger.

It’s just that her hand didn’t touch his face as it was intercepted mid-air.

“If you don’t want to die more miserably, better behave!” Luo Yibei’s face was slightly distorted, sweeping his icy gaze on her face, and warned her indifferently.

Fang Chixia heard nothing of that, she grabbed his clothes, buried her face in his arms and hit him with a fist, “How could you do that? Bastard!”


Chapter 161: I can still be more of a bastard

Luo Yibei was not a patient person and even more impatient for a half-drunk half-awake woman.

His hand clasped her wrist and sternly warned, “If you continue this reckless move again, believe me, I can still be more of a bastard!”

He felt Fang Chixia freeze a bit at his warning.

Looking up, she looked confusedly at him with those misty eyes. Not afraid of death, she returned, “How could you be more of a bastard?”
She said so unconvinced with his warning. However, to Luo Yibei, this wasn’t the case.

How could he be more of a bastard?

Is this a tease or a provocation?

Fang Chixia obviously didn’t realize any wrong with her question. She was still looking up to him, innocently waiting for his answer without blinking.

Staring at Luo Yibei up close, his looks are really to die for.

His handsomeness has that kind of suffocating aura with a touch of halo always hanging behind him. The dazzling effect could render people somewhat dizzy.

With that thought in mind, Fang Chixia suddenly had an urge to hoist herself up and give him a kiss.

This was the second time she had had that urge. The first time was when they first met and she was drugged.

This time, it was the drink.

Luo Yibei was also watching her, zeroing on her reaction quietly. His face brightened with a lopsided grin, pushed the door open to her room and while raking at her face, thought of positions they should try.

Exchanging looks, Fang Chixia’s thoughts however were quite chaste. She only craved for a kiss.

As for Luo Yibei, today – he’d had a long day.

“Do you like the balcony or the bathroom?” After staring at each other for quite a while, he suddenly asked with no expression, gently, so gentle which alarmed Fang Chixia, who even if intoxicated, felt a sense of crisis.

“I like the bed!” She answered softly, massaging her muddled head and sentencing herself as she pointed at the bed behind him.

“It doesn’t matter, the bed is not much worse.” Luo Yibei listened to her obediently and carried her toward the bedside.

When he came close to the bed, he gently placed her in. He stood by the bed and casually undressed.

He wasn’t in a hurry. His movements were very slow as he kept his eyes on her face.

There’s still a whole night out tonight, not too bad.

Fang Chixia took on a particularly pitiful expression. The blurry eyes that appeared misty shone attractively on her flushed face.

She looked like a woman who had been loved all night.

For a moment, he even had a feeling of wanting to hold her in the palm of his hand.

Such thought has just been born when her next look, like a basin of cold water has been splashed down on him, washed it away till no trace was left.

With a muddled head, Fang Chixia seemed unable to keep her eyes open, as if she was fighting off sleep.

“Don’t sleep!” Luo Yibei stood by the bed, warning coldly.

Seeming like he said nothing, Fang Chixia ignored his warning, pulled a pillow and hugged it to her arms as she closed her eyes.

“I said, don’t sleep. Didn’t you hear?” Luo Yibei bent down to shake her awake, but Fang Chixia’s shallow breathing suddenly reverberated.

It was likely because of the alcohol and probably due to exhaustion; she actually fell asleep just a few seconds after her head touched down!

Under Luo Yibei’s nose, even after he was preparing to spend the night with her!


Chapter 162: Rongxi’s banquet

Luo Yibei’s whole body was suspended midair as he bent from the bedside. He stared at her sleeping face for some time, his gaze sharp as if he couldn’t wait to pick her up.

However, his hand remained motionless in the end.

He just lay down on the bed and hugged her for the night. The next morning when he awoke, Fang Chixia has already awakened one-step ahead of him.

Nothing of last night’s happening seemed to have affected her. She looked at him without any problems and continued to the lobby as if nothing has happened.

Looking at her like this, Luo Yibei’s eyes were measured.

Last night, she lit up his fire, and then went to bed peacefully by herself!

With a heavy face, he followed her downstairs and came to Fang Chixia talking with the LanXiu family.

Luo Yibei stood a bit far away and has not heard clearly what they were talking about, he only saw LanXiu and Fang Chixia hugging and hugging.

The image of the two rendered Luo Yibei’s face even darker.

He knew that French have always been warm, but, with them like this, aren’t they being excessively intimate?

He strode towards them and when he was about to tear the two apart, LanXiu automatically opened both arms and let go of Fang Chixia.

Then with a longing voice, he said, “Xia Xia, you are always welcome here. Come again next time!”

Startled, Luo Yibei’s vision shot towards Fang Chixia.

Did she decide to return to China?

“Okay.” Fang Chixia acted like she didn’t see him. She smiled and promised LanXiu, then bid farewell to Lan Xiu’s parents.

Staying there for some days was just an accident.

Now that her air fare was enough, there was still school and Rongxi waiting for her back home. Going back was inevitable.

Luo Yibei has been thinking these past two days on how to compel her to go back. He did not expect that without him saying anything, she took the initiative in preparing for their departure. His complexion brightened a bit sunnier.

For the sake of her cooperation, he will let her off the hook for last night’s matter!

Fang Chixia and Lan Xiu’s family only chatted for a short time and later followed her on her way.

She must really hate him for she bought her ticket back to China by herself.

Luo Yibei was totally speechless but said nothing.

On their first day of returning home was Rongxi’s annual welcome party. Since Fang Chixia was also a newcomer, she had to attend.

It’s just that, at the thought of the Luo Family who will surely be at the event, she hesitated.

“Can I not go?” Looking at the man sitting on the balcony chair, Fang Chixia pried.

Yibei’s vision swept towards her face as he sat calmly. He found her thoughts incomprehensible.

She was the one, who proposed marriage to him, and in the face of the occasion where she could meet the Luo Family, she struggles to steer clear of their way, he really couldn’t point out if she was acting or she was for real!

“What’s the wrong?” Feeling uncomfortable with that penetrating stare, Fang Chixia asked doubtfully.

“Nothing, this occasion, as a newcomer, you must attend. What do you mean by not attending?” Dropping a question behind, Luo Yibei stood up and went to choose a set he would wear in the evening.

With no comeback, Fang Chixia also chose a little dress for herself.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with Luo Yibei’s remarks. She only spent a few days in the company so she isn’t eligible for any special treatment.

Howbeit, to avoid fanning a scandal with so many people around, she didn’t attend with Luo Yibei together but went later.

On this occasion, everybody in the Luo family has been dispatched, Luo Xichen, Sha Zhixing, Luo Enqi, Luo Yibei’s uncle, Luo Rong and Xiao Zuo.

When Fang Chixia arrived, she was surprised to find the Baby also in the crowd.


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