Chapter 15 – 17

Chapter 15: Forced to marry the Yun Family

The dim light of the night fell slowly.

A black shadow passed over the Feng Family courtyard and flew straight to the Water Pavilion.

Until it landed into a room in the Water Pavilion….

“Miss, what’s your order?” Qinglian who was dressed in black nightclothes, looked at the windy fragrance that had not yet burned down on the table and asked.

This Fengyue Xiang is an incense developed by Feng Chuge herself. Just light it off and people within a hundred mile radius who are sensitive to it will rush there.

Feng Chuge took a list from one side and handed it to Qinglian.

“These herbs, go and inquire of their whereabouts for me. If there is a clue, inform me immediately.”

Qinglian took the list and was surprised at the herbs listed on it.

“Miss, these herbs are really hard to find.”

“I know, but try to look for them.” This was Achen’s wish. Such a little child would rarely put forward a request so she must satisfy him. Although perhaps, it was indeed unrealistic to grow up with these drugs, she did not want to disappoint him.

“Right, Miss, according to reports from scouts, at the Treasure Pavilion, rare precious herbs will be auctioned a few days later. Miss, how about we go and have a look?”

“Treasure Pavilion…..” Feng Chuge slightly narrowed her eyes. “Okay, I got it.”

The next day, the entire Feng Family was especially lively.

Feng Chuge just got out of bed and went over with Biluo….

“Miss, guess what’s out there?”

“What happened?”

“The Yun family has come for the forced marriage. That fool of their family has been declining quickly so the Yun Family wanted the marriage to happen tomorrow.”

“So soon?” Feng Chuge smiled contemptuously.

“Exactly, there’s a riot going on out there.” Zilan rolled her eyes. “Miss, things have come to this end. That group of Feng Family should not be coming for trouble again right? That day, Feng Zhaoyang kept proclaiming that you were not part of the family and even ordered you to scram. But now, it’s estimated that he’ll be running back to Miss with no shame at all and say something about this matter.”

“That’s hard to say.” Feng Chuge just smiled.

Indeed, it was hard to say what Feng Zhaoyang would do. Who knew what tricks he has on his sleeves!

Luzhu’s eyes hardened, “Miss, I’ll go and find out what news I could gather. On the way earlier, I saw Feng Qianxue heading towards Feng Chaoyang at the main courtyard.”

“Go quickly Luzhu. I’ll also head off to where Feng Qingwan is.” Zilan waved her hand and gestured Luzhu to hurry.

With tacit understanding, the two dispersed and flew towards the direction of their targets….

As Luzhu has mentioned, Feng Zhaoyang called Feng Qianxue when the Yun family came for the forced marriage.

On that day, they obviously had a falling out with Feng Chuge and it was clear that today’s Feng Chuge was no longer the weakling and easily controlled Feng Chuge of the past. Getting her to agree to marry the fool would be out of the question!


The second young master of the Yun family, that fool, became terminally ill entirely because of Feng Chaoyang’s only son, Feng Yuanhang, who accidentally pushed him into the river at a banquet.

The fool had been ill since he was fished out of the river.

Although the second master of the Yun family is a fool, because his mother was the most powerful in their family with a Great Master level (Ling Zong), his status has always been high in the entire Yun family.

Chapter 16: Feng Xianxue’s trick

He wasn’t inferior to the second male on the list, Yun Qianche.

The disaster that the Feng family has caused should naturally be borne by them.

The Yun Family’s requirement was not that high. As long as a daughter from the Feng Family marries him to expel evil forces, they’ll let this matter go.

But discerning eyes could clearly see. Once the fool dies, after marriage, the future of the daughter would only remain a widow by then.

On this wise, who would be willing to marry?

Not to mention the two young ladies who have always been pampered by the Feng Family.

When Feng Qianxue was called by Feng Zhaoyang, as soon as she entered the door, she saw her father watching her anxiously.

“Xuer, you can save our Feng Family.”

“Father, what’s wrong?”

“It’s impossible to let that waste marry the fool at the moment. And your younger sister Waner’s been disfigured. It only you who is left suitable to marry into the Yun Family…..

When Feng Qianxue heard him, she immediately retreated in shock.

“Father, you said before that you will not let me marry him.”

“But we have no other way…. The only suitable person at the moment is you. Furthermore, you have heard it, that fool must be married tomorrow.” Feng Zhaoyang’s eyes were totally unsettled. “It can’t be helped. We, the Feng Family can’t afford to offend the Yun’s.”

“No, I won’t get married.” Feng Qianxue shook her head. “Father, let that waste marry him, isn’t she good enough? Why don’t you let that waste go?”

“That waste has already put up a fight. How could she possibly agree again with my words?”

Feng Qianxue touched her face.

There is still a little scar left.

Since that day, her face has been inexplicably itchy. Fortunately, she held back or else her face would have been disfigured permanently.

Although, she could not specifically tell what caused it, Feng Qianxue was sure that this matter was definitely tied to that waste Feng Chuge!

With that in mind, Feng Qianxue’s eyes gleamed with ruthlessness. “Father, who said that she must be willing. Doesn’t our family have a junior refining pharmacist? Just look for him for some intractable medicine, give it to her and force her to marry otherwise, she won’t be given the antidote….. or, directly drug her till she’s unconscious and throw her into the sedan chair. Isn’t this feasible?”

Feng Qianxue proposed and faintly smiled.

This method, was not appropriate, but right now, there seemed to be no better way than this.

Feng Zhaoyang thought carefully for a while and finally nodded, “Fine, just do it.”

Outside the door, Luzhu held her breath and willed all their words to her ears.

Hearing their junior refining pharmacist, Luzhu sneered.

Relying only on a little pharmacist in the district to deal with her own lady?

Dream on!!

At the time when Feng Qianxue was about to come out, Luzhu moved sideways and departed straight away….

Around noon, the Yun family finally left after coming to a satisfactory agreement it seemed.

The Feng House fell into another bustle.

Red lanterns and red silks were all hung high. They quite gave the feeling of marrying a daughter off.

No matter how, they gotta do something for outsiders to see, otherwise, they’ll fall from grace.

There were many people in the Feng Family. In just half a day of effort, everything was well prepared.

The sky was gradually darkening.

In the evening, just as the sun was about to set completely, a fire suddenly broke out outside the Water Pavilion.

The flames spread like wildfire that with just a faint spark, it seemed like it would fan the fire elsewhere.

The Feng Family was thrown into chaos in an instant.


Chapter 17: Treating each other her own way

All came to put out the fire.

The three girls next to Feng Chuge were no exception….

Feng Chuge however stayed inside leaning on the bed and waited patiently.

Outside, a figure flew across in a flash.

The figure of the approaching person was particularly fast. Only a slight flash passed seizing the opportunity from the edge of the window and shot a dense fog inside.

Feng Chuge remained leaning on the bed and after exploring what the fog was made of, a predatory smile brightened her face.

“Such a simple ecstacy and you wanted to deal with me? Girl, I stopped playing with this drug four years ago!!”

She made no other reactions, but otherwise, played along and fainted.

The person outside must have thought that the time for it to take effect was almost up. He pushed the door in, bundled Feng Chuge, then from mid-air, flew to a certain place….

In a room at the Feng Family’s main courtyard, Feng Chuge was sprawled on a chair. Feng Qianxue looked at the unconscious person on the chair and sneered.

“Feng Chuge, ah, Feng Chuge….. You see, in the end, you still have to marry that fool. Did you see this coming? A waste will always be a waste… Besides this, what other value is there for you?”

“But, rest assured Feng Chuge. I will make you beautiful today. After the wedding tonight, you’ll be meeting a corpse and continue living with your corpse of a husband….”

Picturing the imminent days of hardship for Feng Chuge, Feng Qianxue’s heart grew more and more elated.

She opened a rouge to apply on Feng Chuge and completely missed the slight movement of an eyebrow on the person she perceived unconscious on the chair.

Feng Chuge suddenly opened her eyes revealing a few lines of cold light deep within the pair.

She leaped from the courtyard, and then a hand knife was released which struck Feng Qianxue to the ground.

Straightening up, Feng Chuge surveyed the fallen woman on the ground and clapped her hands ——

“Feng Qianxue, this kind of trick, if you don’t taste it yourself, it would really be your loss.”

Feng Chuge fished out a pill from her arm and stuffed it directly into Feng Qianxue’s mouth.

When she was finished, she clapped her hands again, and outside, Zilan and Biluo pushed the door into the room.

“You two, give her a nice little make up…Best if it’s enough to scare the dead in the middle of the night……”

Zilan and Biluo immediately carried their orders. One was responsible for putting on Feng Qianxue’s red wedding gown and the other applied makeup on her.

Less than half a stick of incense, everything was done…

After setting everything up, Feng Chuge and her entourage got out of there, leaving only a woman in red robes, leaning on one side of the sedan chair, still as a woman asleep.

The next day arrived with a bright sky.

Feng Zhaoyang came with two servants and carried the sedan chair with the person inside out of the room. Throughout the entire process, Feng Zhaoyang never even looked a the face under the veil.

It was not because Feng Zhaoyang didn’t want to see but he was afraid to have a look.

He feared that at the sight of Feng Chuge’s face, he’d be reminded of her ruthlessness and then this would lead to him imagining the retaliation of Feng Chuge.

In the end, the woman in  red dress robes was carried on the sedan chair and went to the Yun’s house.

The sedan chair was sent headed by a group of people blowing horns in celebration.

Feng Zhaoyang looked on at the happenings and felt his mood lighten up.

Calculating the time, the sedan chair must have now be at the Yun’s.

“The Feng Family’s master must be really happy today after marrying off a daughter. Ah, unfortunately, I’ve been sleeping for a while and couldn’t catch up with the excitement.” Just when he was feeling proud of himself, behind him, a clear voice sounded.

Hearing that familiar sound, all the smiles on Feng Zhaoyang’s face froze.

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