LLW – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Achen will definitely grow more beautiful than the first most handsome man.

“Of course, you can also ask any of the Feng Family’s people for details. I think, when you have finished asking Prince, you’ll never come to me again to settle this account.”

From the start, it was Feng Qingwan who wanted to sneak an attack on her, it was only countered by her own spiritual power that she was eventually disfigured!

This point has been clearly seen by all that was present.

He Lian Jin Yu stood in place with his brows knitted and studied Feng Chuge deeply for a long time. “Alright, if I ever discover that Feng Qingwan’s injury has anything to do with you, I’ll absolutely won’t let you off!”




He Lian Jin Yu finally left and the place was returned to peace.

Feng Chuge’s vision remained in the direction where He Lian Jin Yu disappeared and after a while, she asked, “The three of you, who knows that person?”

“Miss… you really don’t know him?” Zilan countered in disbelief.

“Should I know him?”

“He’s the fifth in the list of Most beautiful men on the mainland, He Lian Jin Yu…. This He Lian Jin Yu is really a beautiful man but his taste is really bad. How could he take a fancy on Feng Qingwan?” Zilan marveled and immediately sighed in disappointment.

“Beautiful man, I don’t think so.” Feng Chuge’s lips curved into a smile.

“Yes, he is not the most beautiful. Miss, I heard that the two men on top of the list are more beautiful than the most beautiful women. There was once a woman who took a glance at the man who ranked first. Her heart skipped too fast that she died.” Biluo narrated on the side.

“There is such an exaggeration?”

“Certainly… Otherwise, how could he be ranked the Mainland’s most beautiful man. However, since he lives in Tiandifu (Heaven and Earth), few people have seen him and no one knows how he really looked like.”

“Tiandi fu”” Feng Chuge asked, slightly surprised.

This Tiandi fu, on the mainland, dominates the existence of various countries.

Rumor has it that each family will choose excellent disciples every year to participate in its three-year test, the winner will have the opportunity to enter Tiandifu.

As for what Tiandi fu is, everyone has no way of knowing it. Only those who with specially formidable strength have the opportunity to go to the inside.

Anyone from Tiandi Fu can easily wipe out people from the Yuntian Mainland….

“What’s the name of the man ranked first?”

“The first is named (Di Jue Chen) Emperor.”

“The Emperor…”Feng Chuge whispered the name, what a nice name.

“Yeah, he’s called the Emperor… I really want to see what the Emperor looks like in the end. Just a glance would do, Zilan will feel at ease.” Zilan opened her mouth again.

Feng Chuge turned a blind eye. “You two, when have you turned into nymphomaniacs, beautiful men are all what you think about. What a loser!”

Turning around, her eyes fell on Achen on the sideline. Feng Chuge raised her eyebrows, “You don’t have to look for a beautiful man. There is already a ready-made one here. When our baby Achen grows up, he’ll be not much worse than that first one.”

Biluo heard her statement and also peered at Achen. “There is also Chen in his name but he is not the Emperor…”

Feng Chuge’s lips stretched into a captivating smile, she moved forward and pinched Achen’s face, “Achen will definitely grow more beautiful than the first most handsome man.”

“When I grow up, I give you permission to marry me.” Achen didn’t struggle, just raised his eyes, stared at Feng Chuge in the eye and declared.

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched in amusement, “Then you have to grow up as soon as possible.”

She then turned her head back to the two who were still guilty of being nymphomaniacs, she raised her hand and waved at them, “Well, don’t stay sex-mad there, go, let’s go in.”

Zilan and the others marched in.

Achen stood stock still, a look of uncertainty on his countenance.

At last, he drew the corners of his lips into a smile, revealing a profound meaning….

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