EP – Chapter 50: Did you think that I am a snail girl?…………

“Ginger soup, did you think I’m a snail girl……” After a glance at the big refrigerator, Ning Xiaofei came, reached and pulled the refrigerator door, “In the middle of the night, where would I buy you ginger!”

Ning Xiaofei’s eyes widened immediately as her eyes took in the stuffed fridge.

Milk, eggs, cake, fruit…… The refrigerator maintained their freshness and all kinds of food and ingredients crowded the inside of the fridge.

Her mouth formed a big O in surprise. She pulled the frozen layer below.

What a darling!

Dumplings, noodles, pizza, steak, shrimp, squid…

At this moment, Ning Xiaofei smiled till her teeth almost disappeared. She only wished she could carry the big fridge and swallow it whole. She looked up and down the fridge in front of her.

“Is this what a husband should do?! In the face of this refrigerator, I won’t argue with you anymore, um… what should I eat tonight?!”

The instant noodles were spilled after she only had a few sips. Her stomach was still craving food.

Inspecting the content of the fridge carefully, she took out a box of strawberries, pinched one to her mouth at once and feeling the sweet and sour taste overflowing in her mouth, a greedy smiled appeared on Ning Xiaofei’s face as her eyes feasted on the stuffed ref.

It would be nice to have a bowl of hot noodles to warm herself up after getting out of the shower only to be pulled out into the cold air……

She immediately found a bag of udon and some ingredients for cooking from the refrigerator. She noticed the imported brown sugar on the shelf. The corner of her mouth quirked up as she also took it out.

There was nothing she could say about her being blown all the way by the cold air.

But just a little spit of saliva on him, he needed ginger soup?

Forget it, he is a god. His body is as precious as gold, unlike hers….No one hurts, no one loves. The most part of the night, she was brought here barefoot, so sneezing was just natural.

After washing some gingers clean, she found a small pot form the cupboard and filled it with water. She quickly cut two pieces and threw it into the pot. After thinking about it, she cut a few more pieces and threw it in.

Mu Yanwang, see if I don’t kill you!

Turning on the fire and boiling the water, she neatly washed the ingredients she needed and cut them into slices.

Looking at the green and colorful ingredients chopped on the chopping board, she pinched a strawberry and stuffed it into her mouth, fastened the apron, and immediately took out another pot ready to open another fire.

Boil the onion, ginger, simmer the red scallions into a thick soup, then add more ginger and peeled shrimp…

Soon, a bowl of fragrant soup noodles was scooped into a large bowl.

Put the fried eggs on top, a little sesame oil, sprinkle some scallions…

Ning Xiaofei held the bowl to sniff the scent, and couldn’t help but drool.

What is happiness you say, there is always food in the refrigerator, there is always money in the card… This is happiness!

Without taking of the apron, she held the bowl preciously and entered the dining room. She searched for some tableware when she noted that the soup was also boiled.

She almost forgot about it. Boiling the soup for a long time wasn’t good.

Uncovering the lid and smelling the rich ginger smell in the air, Ning Xiaofei curled her lips evilly.

The aroma is full of vigor, definitely good enough to drink!

Take out an empty bowl and pour the soup in. She smirked and picked out the ginger pieces inside, and looked at the brown sugar that was originally prepared. She took a teaspoon and added a tiny amount into it. She smiled in satisfaction and also held it back on the table in the dining room.

“Husband, come down and drink your ginger soup!”

No one responded in the study.

He really wasn’t big enough!

Ning Xiaofei curled her mouth and put the chopsticks on her hand back into the chopstick holder. She walked to the front of the study room with her slippers and gently knocked at the door.




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