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LLW – Chapter 13: The Narcissistic king

Because of the appearance of Feng Chuge, He Lian Yu Yu had a moment of embarrassment.

But it was only for a moment, and he recovered his senses.

Thinking that this Feng Chuge was just a waste, the bottome of He Lian Jin Yu’s eyes were again flooded with disdain.

“How exactly has Waner offended you that you must go so far as to harm her?”

Feng Chuge’s eyebrows rose, “How? Has no one told you?”

“Waner was hurt the moment you came back. Who else could have done so?” The pair of eyes on He Lian Jin Yu’s face fixed on Feng Chuge with hate. “Feng Chuge, let me tell you. I’m in love with Waner. But even if there was no Waner, I will never marry you…”

Listening to the words of He Lian Jin Yu, Feng Chuge nodded.

Wait a minute……

She suddenly realized something…

This person wouldn’t be thinking that she would want to marry him after Feng Qingwan, right?

Feng Chuge couldn’t help but pump her lips a bit.

In the end, where has this man got his confidence in order to come up with such an absurd assumption!!

Should she tell him or not, in fact, she still doesn’t even know his name?

“Feng Chuge, you…” He Lian Jin Yu started wanting to say something more but Feng Chuge finally couldn’t help but make a sound ——

“That … Excuse me, sir, but who are you?”

In a flash, He Lian Jin Yu’s face became livid.

On the edge, Zilan and the other two couldn’t suppress their laughter.

“Feng Chuge, don’t feign ignorance in front of this king!” He Lian Jin Yu roared.

Feng Chuge lifted a brow. “I really don’t know you, I know you are a king. But I don’t know, which king you are.”

For a moment, a few frustrations were actually born in the bottom of He Lian Jin Yu’s heart. Suddenly, he thought of something and sneered, ” Feng Chuge, don’t think that you can attract this king’s attention this way. This king will tell you, it’s useless. This king will not marry you, this waste!”

Feng Chuge was rendered speechless.

Her gaze suddenly swept over to Achen who was standing by the door.

She turned around and pulled Achen from behind the door ——

“This sovereign, you can rest assured that even if I have to marry, I wouldn’t marry you. Don’t worry about this nonsense. Worry more of how you should be careful so as not to shorten your lifespan….

The sentence could not have been clearer.

This time, He Lian Jin Yu’s whole person changed greatly.

He looked at Feng Chuge with some surprise.

She doesn’t know him?

How could that be?

When they were young, they used to play together. By all accounts, Feng Chuge should be his cousin. In their younger days, his mother and aunt, that is, Princess Jiande, have arranged their marriage for them…

As a child, Feng Chuge was indeed very lovely, but since the death of Princess Jiande, Feng Chuge has become increasingly cowardly and weak. Even at the age of ten, it was impossible for her to absorb spiritual power and was eventually driven out by the Feng Family.

For these, He Lian Jin Yu also had some regrets.

And this year, Feng Chuge has just turned 16. It’s her coming of age, and also the year of their marriage that her Empress mother and paternal aunt has initially agreed on.

Therefore, in the palace, when the news of Feng Chuge’s return as well as Feng Qingwan’s injury reached him, He Lian Jin Yu colluded everything at once….

It never occurred to him that all of these were just his ego talking….

For a time, a little sense of loss was born in He Lian Jin Yu’s heart.

Regardless of He Lian Jin Yu’s demeanor, Feng Chuge lightly said, “This prince, it seems that you came for Feng Qingwan’s affairs. Did you really think… I, this waste, could hurt Feng Qingwan?”




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