Chapter 49: How much of her saliva he has eaten

The sports car turned lightly and drove into the gate of Lanting Apartment.

When the car drove into the underground parking lot, Ning Xiaofei looked at Mu Tianye on the driver’s seat.

Could it be that he had asked her to go downstairs just to bring her here to live?

This guy said to go downstairs after cleaning up and packing… This fellow wouldn’t be thinking that she really was horny and her desire wasn’t satisfied, right?

Thinking of this possibility, Ning Xiaofei’s face was instantly covered with a layer of redness.

Soon, however, she dismissed it with disapproval.

She shouldn’t be blamed for this, who would have thought that he’d suddenly change houses in the middle of the night. She wasn’t a genius and he made no explanation earlier. Just because she spilled a box of instant noodles, this reason, it’s a bit too exaggerated.

She was still indulging in flights of fancy when Mu Tianye parked the car in a special parking space and got out of the car speedily.

Ning Xiaofei was busy pulling her hand out of the tight seat belt, unfastening it, then holding the laptop, the printed plan, the school bag…… still with her shoes of, chased after him into the elevator.

As the elevator went up, she raised her hand with a sour nose and couldn’t help but hit two sneezes.


Mu Tianye stood in the middle of the elevator, watching from the bright wall of the elevator the reflection of her figure. His eyes fell on her bare feet on the elevator floor and suddenly felt a burst of anger.

“Are you a primitive person?”

Ning Xiaofei rubbed her sour nose with the back of her hand and lifted her face to look at him. Her shoulders shook and returned a big sneeze to him.

This sneeze was really threatening, it was beyond her control. It spurted directly to his face. Feeling the saliva sprayed on his face, Mu Tianye’s eyebrows twisted even more tightly.

“I’m sorry…” Ning Xiaofei was busy handing the shoes on her right hand to her left, freeing her right hand to dive into her bag, and taking out a paper towel to hand it to him. “Husband, I… I really didn’t mean it…”

Halfway through, her nose began to itch again. She hurriedly retracted the paper towel to block her nose and mouth, and hit the fourth sneeze.


The elevator stopped at the top floor, the elevator door separated.

Mu Tianye took out his handkerchief and wiped his face. He stepped out of the elevator and threw the handkerchief into the trash can outside the elevator.

Ning Xiaofei took things out with her heels and took a look at the trash can and pouted again.


Just for a little spit of her saliva!

When he kissed her, didn’t he know how much saliva he ate from her. why didn’t he consider it dirty?

Still repressing her unstated criticism, Mu Tianye has already walked and inputed the password combination to open the lock on the door. Ning Xiaofei also immediately stepped up to follow.

The house was paved with wooden floors, much more comfortable than the tiles in the hallway. She relaxed her breath and immediately placed the bags and things in her hand on the cupboard in the foyer.

Before she could catch her breath, Mu Tianye’s voice had sounded again.

“Boil a bowl of ginger soup!”

After flinging this next order, he raised his hand and left the coat aside, then the man strode into the study.

Tomorrow, he’ll have a talk with a multinational company about cooperation projects. He still has some information to read. The girl has made the study a mess, and if he was to work in the study room full of instant noodles, it would kill him.

Otherwise, he would not have brought her here in the middle of the night for another place to stay.

After turning on the computer, he quickly entered his mailbox, pulling up the information that he had not read, and continued to work.

In the foyer, Ning Xiaofei’s rubbed her sour nose, pulled a pair of slippers from the shoe rack, and walked into the kitchen with slippers on.

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