EP – Chapter 48: Don’t want to mess with him.


“Listen carefully. In five minutes, go upstairs, get dressed and pack up, or I’ll throw you back to Ji’s house right now!”

When he had finished, he shoved her onto the sofa, and the man stormed into the restroom of the living room, slamming the door heavily.

Ning Xiaofei raised her hand and grasped her hair, but still couldn’t understand anything. She didn’t care to think more and tried to run to the stairs instead.

When she returned to the master bedroom, she quickly found her suitcase to pack her clothes then immediately noticed that her dress was already wet.

It can’t be that her Great Aunt really came, can it?

She pulled down her tunic in a panic but saw no blood.

Isn’t it…..

The scene that had just taken place immediately came back to her, and just now she not only responded to him, but also kind of wanted to…

Ning Xiaofei instantly blushed like fire, hurriedly threw the clothes into the trash can, changed quickly into clean clothes, and rushed into the study. There was no time to pay attention to the messy table. She grabbed the plans on the printer, her laptop on the table and she hurriedly ran down the stairs.

In the living room, there was no Mu Tianye, but outside the door came the sound of a car horn.

Ning Xiaofei looked at the side and saw a black sports car parked outside the floor-to-ceiling window. Mu Tianye at the driver’s seat was impatiently honking the horn.

She rushed to the door with her back back in hand, pulled open the door,and tried to change into her shoes but changed her mind and without wearing them rushed out of the door carrying her shoes then sat on the passenger seat.

Sitting on the seat, she noticed that the man still didn’t start driving. She sneaked a peak at the man and crashed into the stare of Mu Tianye who was staring at her.

“I … I’m all right.”

She spoke cautiously.

The man leaned over, pulled the seat belt on the side of her body, and, with a click, inserted the seatbelt into the slot, locking her in with her schoolbag.

The seat belt was a little tight on Ning Xiaofei’s tensed body but she didn’t dare make a move.

Although she did not want to understand why he was angry, just looking at him simmering in anger, she didn’t dare mess with him.


Accompanied by the roar of the car engine, the sports car rushed out of the villa like a wild horse on the run then out of the community.

Ning Xiaofei resisted the urge to ask him where they were going. She was not afraid that he really would throw her back to the Ji family. The Ji family’s treatment towards her, she had long been used to it.

She was just afraid that if that were the case, what her uncle and aunt had promised her would come to nothing.

That year, after the death of her mother, her uncle and aunt invited a fortuneteller who then has been blowing in her grandfather’s ear. He said that such a daughter can not enter the family’s ancestral grave, otherwise it will be lead to back luck in the family.

At that time, Ning Xiaofei wasn’t still young and was rather thin. Of course, she couldn’t fight against them. She could only bury her mohter in a public cemetery.

Recently, the cemetery has been under development and she had brought up the relocation of the grave to her aunt and uncle many times, but they shammed her attempts.

This time, her uncle and aunt asked her to Mu Tianye. She did not refuse, just put forward a condition that allows her to enter her mother’s remains in the Ji’s ancestral grave.

Her mother has been wandering, Ning Xiaofei just wanted to give the poor woman, a secure place to rest.

A fortuneteller also chose an auspicious day which would be several days later. She must move the grave and at this critical point, she mustn’t have a fall out with Mu Tianye.

It was already April, and the spring had taken on a chilly stance, but the night was still as cool as water.

When the wind from the open window blew in, it brushed against her still wet hair. Ning Xiaofei felt chilled to the bone as her nose soured. She couldn’t control a sneeze escaping.

The man in the driver’s seat looked at her sideways and reached down for the button on the electric window. The window rose after to block the cool wind.




Gōngzǐ rú xuě: Interpretation time. Mu Tianye, trouble you to explain the meaning of “fight a bloody battle.”

Mu Tianye moved his fingers: I do not understand bleeding, “The face of peach blossoms blooming” I would like to demonstrate to the readers.

Gōngzǐ rú xuě: Cough, given that someone is still in a state of discontent, the explanation will be said in another day.




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