LLW – Chapter 12: Grow up to marry a wife

These herbs, with the exception of Polygonum, are extremely difficult to obtain and extremely precious.

More importantly, how could a child know of this?

Feng Chuge sized up Achen carefully. She thought that the more they get along, the more she finds him suspicious.

“Refine the medicine that can make one grow up.” Achen narrowed his eyes and stayed silent for a long time before opening his mouth.

“Poof-” Feng Chuge was feeling thirsty so she took up a glass of water to drink, after hearing the words of Achen, she was shocked a mouthful of water was spurted out.

“What’s wrong?” Achen glanced at her, his face still looking cool.

“Kid, what are you in such a hurry to grow up for? Are you such a hurry to marry your wife?”

“It is not to marry you.” Achen curled his lips. Such an ungentle lady, he doesn’t want to marry.

“When you grow up, just marry a wife. Saying you want to marry me, I will not marry you, unless you really grow up. I’ll consider it!” Feng Chuge raised and eyebrow and said jokingly.

Achen fixed his eyes on Feng Chuge, the bottom of his eyes suddenly brimming with a few bright lights…

The light in his eyes moved slightly, and then he spoke. “Then, do you want me to grow up?”

Feng Chuge crouched down and patted Achen’s face, “Achen, little baby, these medicines are useless for growing up, at best, they can only detoxify.”

“No, I want that medicine!” Achen insisted. “If you don’t help me with it, I’ll find it myself.”

“Er…” Feng Chuge did not expect that Achen would be so stubborn. She really couldn’t understand. How could this little child’s mind be so mature? Achen’s mind couldn’t be simply described by the word “premature”.

Looking at the firmness on his face, Feng Chuge smiled and shook her head. “Okay, if you want me, I will find it for you for ~ Who let you be my Achen baby?”

With that, Feng Chuge pinched Achen’s face once more.

His face changed a little, he was trying to say something, but only felt a slight movement outside.

“Woman, there’s someone outsideβ€”β€””

The pupils of Feng Chuge condensed. After a little inspection, she really could detect a subtle movement not so far away.

The strength of the intruders seem quite high, deliberately hiding their own strengths.

If she hadn’t listened carefully, she wouldn’t have been able to hear them.

As their footsteps grew closer, Feng Chuge almost could clearly make out the killing intent of the intruders.

Brows slightly raised up, Feng Chuge turned her head to Achen and instructed, “Stay inside and don’t go out, I’ll come and find you in a moment later.”

The words fell and she went straight out.

Achen stood in place, eyes twinkling, then with a long sigh, he spat out, “Stupid woman.”

He lifted his feet and followed after her.

Outside the Water Pavilion, Zilan and the other two have long stood outside.

When Feng Chuge went out, she saw a man in a black brocade robe heading in their direction.

The man has a gorgeous brocade, and his supple hair was draped on the back. His handsome facial features were angular and very tough.

It was undeniable that this was a beautiful man.

It was just that, at this moment, that handsome face was full of endless anger, the bottom of his eyes were flowing with more murderous intent.

“Feng Chuge, come out to this king!” His low voice with an eight-point spirit a low voice reverberated straight throughout the Water Pavilion.

Feng Chuge walked out from the Water Pavilion.

She just came out and was met with the full anger of He Lian Jin Yu.

He Lian Jin Yu turned his head to look at Feng Chuge. When he saw that white dress on a seemingly exquisitely carved woman, he was a bit startled.

This was not how she looked like in He Lian Jin Yu’s memory….

“Are you looking for me?” Feng Chuge raised her eyelids provokingly and looked at He Lian Jin Yu.

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