EP – Chapter 46: Want

Standing on the carpet, Ning Xiaofei was wrapped in a white bathrobe, with her long hair still dripping, strands draped over her shoulders, some of them playfully creeping into her collarbone, the water on her hair dripped down her neck, running down her hair, down the skin, and disappearing into the bulge of her robe.

Under the light, the water droplets flashed like pearls, and the skin that has just been bathed appeared more fragile, it could be broken easily…

Carpet or sofa? !

Mu Tianye’s brows knitted.

Dead girl, is she really stupid or faking stupidity?

Did she really think of him as a beast, that he still would want her like this?

His eyes flitted over her calves and landed on her feet on the black carpet, he couldn’t help but lick his dried lips.

Immediately, gnashing his teeth, he spit out a word.


Ning Xiaofei went over trembling and sat down on the black leather sofa. Watching the man as she walked forward looking at her feet in front of her, her little heart immediately jumped like a thunderbolt.

Although she had readied herself to be ravaged, but at the end of the matter, she was still feeling nervous, that she didn’t have a clue what to do with her hands and feet.

Just as she was hesitating whether to lie down or to continue sitting, the man had bent down and held her shoulders. As soon as her back softened, the man fell onto the back of the sofa and raised his face to see look her in the eye. She busily lowered her eyelashes and closed her eyelids.

“Look at me!”

He really has a lot of requirements. Why don’t he just take his pants and be done with it? What is there to still look at?

Ning Xiaofei scolded in her heart but still opened her eyes in obedience.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the face of the man so near.

This face, she wasn’t unfamiliar but as she was flustered, she didn’t dare look at him in the eye. Seeing him up close, this was the first time.

At first glance, she was completely in awe at the face in front of her.

At the university of broadcasting journalism, there were school performances. She must say that there was no lack of good-looking men, they were everywhere.

But there are not many perfect people in this world.

Yes, they have nice silhouettes and their skin were remarkable.

Yes, they have smooth skin and nice figures but she still couldn’t withstand examining too closely.


The face in front of her was entirely different.

Even at such a close distance, it is difficult to pick out the flaws.

Whether his facial features or his skin, his face seems to be God’s masterpiece, such as that finely sculpted by the palm of God, every nook was impeccable.

The tip of his eyebrows have the making of an arrogant man, breathtaking enough to capture someone’s heart, so that people can’t help but surrender.

She was still in a daze, but the man’s palms were stretched out, and with a hard tug, the strap of what she was wearing was ripped open.

The bathrobe was unfastened and immediately slipped to the sides of her body.

Ning Xiaofei awakened from her thoughts and instinctively grabbed the collar, but the man held her shoulders, she couldn’t move.

Feeling that the robe slipped to the ribs, she knew that her upper body was no longer covered. She breathed tightly and her face was stained with a seductive blush.

Putting her shyness and tension in his eyes, Mu Tianye’s eyes were slightly stunned, and a touch of an imperceptible smile flashed at the corner of his lips.

That face was enough to make women, infected with a touch of rare charm and an evil impudence.

“Did you want me?”

It was obviously he who let her go downstairs. How did it become her who wanted him?

Ning Xiaofei retorted inwardly. Willing herself to bite the bullet, she opened her mouth with a voice that was much louder than a mosquito’s.


It was to cheer him up, or perhaps so he would be gentle with her, or so she could suffer less.

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