EP – Chapter 45: Carpet or sofa?

Ning Xiaofei was busy looking for an excuse. “My work has not been completed yet, or you should go to sleep first, l might be a bit late…”

Halfway through the words, the man’s fingers had been raised, holding her lips, her excuses were swallowed back in her mouth, as his face closed in on her a few points.

“You are rejecting me.”

The two people were already close at hand so the man’s breath skimming over her, let her skin instantaneously tighten, raising her hair upright, and making her two small feet curl their toes even more fiercely.

She shrank back instinctively.

“How could it be, I…”

Her back squeezed the box of instant noodles she had placed on the edge of the table hastily. It tilted sideways and the hot noodles with its soup spilled out, running along the table.


Feeling the hot soup pouring on her fingers, Ning Xiaofei exclaimed. She hurriedly pushed him away, turned her face to look at the table and the strands of noodles sprinkled down, she immediately rushed over, flustered to catch the noodles.

When her fingers touched the hot noodles, it hurt a lot. She instinctively retracted her fingers and rushed for a paper towel to wipe the soup on the floor.

The more she panicked, the more chaotic it became. The more chaotic it was, the messier it became that the soup left on the box splashed directly on her instep. She screamed aloud and hurriedly jumped aside hitting Mu Tianye who was standing next to her.

Ning Xiaofei got up in agitation and tried to get back to the desk again. However, an arm stretched over and tightly grabbed her in the arm, the next moment, she was thrown into the leather sofa in the study.

Sitting down on the sofa, she looked up just to see Mu Tianye glaring at her condescendingly. Ning Xiaofei subconsciously shrank her hands and feet.

“Sorry… I’m sorry, I’m… was so busy today. I’ve been writing plans all day and I really didn’t have time to buy food. Look what I printed out, it’s all what I’ve written today. And… since I bought it, it would be wasteful to throw away. I promise, this is the last time, and I won’t dare anymore!”

Hanging her face, she did not dare look at the man in the eye, but quietly swung the right hand finger burning in pain.

Mu Tianye, with a heavy face, put her little gestures into his eyes, and the anger grew deeper in his heart.

As he smelled the dark fragrance in the air, his eyebrows grew more and more convoluted.

There was a time when he ate this food every day, but now… the smell of instant noodles makes him want to puke every time.

Crossing over, he picked up Ning Xiaofei from the sofa, carried her all the way to the master bedroom and threw her on the big bed. Before Ning Xiaofei could react, the man leaned over and grabbed her by wrists and covered her with his whole body.

“Wash yourself and go downstairs!”

With that, he stood up and slammed the door heavily.

Ning Xiaofei sat up, lifted her wrist to look at her palm, fortunately, it was only slightly red, and has no burns.


With a sigh, she slipped barefoot down the big bed and went into the bathroom.

With cold water rushing to her hot fingers, Ning Xiaofei gnawed her lips, standing under the shower.

It seems, tonight, it is a difficult to escape the devil, or … in any case, sooner or later, this day will soon come, what about love, just let him!

After a quick shower, she dried her hair casually and wrapped herself in a bathrobe. She walked out of the main bedroom and went downstairs. At a glance, she saw Mu Tianye sitting on the sofa in the living room. He seemed to have just made a call so he plunged the phone back into his pocket.

Gritting her teeth, Ning Xiaofei continued downstairs.

Hearing her footsteps, Mu Tianye turned his long body. Seeing the little girl’s appearance, he was a bit startled.

Ning Xiaofei stopped on the carpet and lowered her eyelashes.

“Do you… want it on the carpet or on the sofa?!”



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