EP – Chapter 44: Tonight, sleep with me.

Hanging his coat on the hanger, Mu Tianye stepped upstairs to the corridor on the third floor and heard a giggle in his study.

It’s so late, she’s still up?

Retracting the palm of his hand that had held the doorknob, Mu Tianye turned and walked to the study.


The printer buzzed, Ning Xiaofei averted her gaze on the screen and saw the red light on the printer. Biting the fork in her hand, she put the instant noodles on the table, and took out some printing paper then stuffed it in.

The corner of her eyes caught a light from the parting of the door. She turned her face doubtfully then saw Mu Tianye outside.

“Mu…” She was busy grabbing the fork in her mouth and hiding it behind her. She dashed over fearlessly and blocked the instant noodles on the desk. “Husband, you are back!”

He said yesterday that he didn’t want to smell and taste the instant noodles any more. If he knew that she dared to eat instant noodles in his study, wouldn’t he kill her.

Eyes sweeping over the printer and knowing that she was still working, Mu Tianye lightly opened.

“Move to Lanting Apartment tomorrow. I’ll arrange someone to pick you up.”


She was? !

That means she doesn’t have to live here anymore?!

Lanting apartment, Ning Xiaofei of course has heard of it. It is a high-end apartment in the business circle and is very close to the TV station…

“Wonderful,” she said at once with a broad smile on her face. Thinking of something, she opened her little mouth again, “Will you live there too?”

Was it because she had behaved badly that this one was annoyed at her, and so was ready to send her away?

Untying the square scarf from his neck, Mu Tianye slightly narrowed his eyes.

“What did you say?”

“I …” Ning Xiaofei hung her face, “Of course, I’d like you to come with me, but … I know I am stupid, and not pleasing, if you find me inconvenient, I … I certainly won’t force you.”

Making the appearance of being reluctant to part with him, but in her heart, she was actually laughing out loud rejoicing —— not reluctant at all. It’s that good, preferably, he would be separated from her from now on, it’s even better if they don’t deal with each other any longer.

The little girl stood in front of the desk with her hands at the back, looking exactly like a cheery little wife.

Today, in a pale pink dress the color of peach blossom petals, it reflected that small face more and more delicately. Her skirt was to her knees with stockings off, exposing her two slender straight legs, bare feet and at the moment, standing on the floor without shoes.

He didn’t know if the floor was a little cold or it’s her habitual action, at the moment, her two little feet were curling restlessly.

Under the light, the smooth toes and toenails were as bright as pale pink shells.

That action, like that night when she was panting under him, her little feet shrank their toes in the same way, her instep slightly bent.

Dead girl, did she think he would believe her with her acting like that?

Inexplicably, he had a sudden whim of desire to tease her.

He moved towards her and Mu Tianye stopped in front of Ning Xiaofei, raised his right hand, holding up her chin with his index finger to make her look at him.

“We are married, of course, we’ll go together.”

Ning Xiaofei’s dream fell through, and her disappointment flashed across her face which she quickly tried to cover up.

“Really, that’s great, I’ll go and pack my bags later.”

Dead girl, I know you are lying.

There are thousands of women who want to climb into his bed. She married him but doesn’t really want to be his woman?

Mu Tianye’s pupils narrowed dangerously.

“Tonight, sleep with me.”

No way?

He’s sleeping with her. He’s not gonna want that from her, is he?!

Ning Xiaofei suddenly felt as though her head could explode.



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