Chapter 43: Tomorrow, this Great-Aunt will be out of your league.

Humph! Humph!

It’s him!

Ning Xiaofei sat up straight again, fished out the laptop from her bag, immediately opened the planning copy, and wrote Mu Tianye’s name under the guest list.

In any case, Ji Mo will not really use her plan, she will borrow his name first.

The smelly face of Mu Tianye flashed before her eyes and her fingers crackled on the keyboard. Imagining the indifferent face of Mu Tianye, if he really were to participate in the interview against Xicheng, that would be very enchanting. Their collision would surely be interesting…

When that time comes, she’d make sure to ask this guy some tough questions.

Thinking as she wrote, she spoke and unwittingly filled in the missing parts.

After writing the last word, she carefully reviewed the plan from beginning to end, revised a few punctuation and typos, and finally raised her arms in satisfaction.

In the end, she didn’t know exactly what the plan was, but she was certain it was the most brilliant and creative of all the plans she had ever written.


Wait for tomorrow, if Ji Mo says the plan wasn’t good enough after looking through it, she’ll grab the plan case and smack it on his face. When thinking about it, Ning Xiaofei sat upright, and acted out the way she would do the smacking on Ji Mo’s face.

“Director Ji Mo, today you are indifferent to me, but tomorrow, this Great-Aunt will be out of your league!”

After that, she shook her hand and made a smacking motion, imagining pieces of A4 paper strewn in mid-air, then she chuckled aloud.

She immediately ran upstairs holding the laptop, went to the study, connected it to the printer, and began printing.

The printer began to work, and once again her empty stomach made a stern protest.


Ning Xiaofei retracted her arm and hugged her empty stomach.

Starved to death, or say fill the stomach first!

After grabbing the phone and looking at the time, she gnashed her teeth again.

It’s already 12 o’clock and there are very few take-away points near the community where the villa was. There are some high-end restaurants but after 12 o’clock, they already were not open for business, and don’t even think about take-away anymore.

Dead Ji Mo. He really had to ask her to write a plan today. She did devote her whole time today writing a plan and put the shopping at the back of her mind.

Finally becoming rich with difficulty but still have no food to eat, Ning Xiaofei, how bitter your life is, Ah!

Indulging in her self-pity, she got up and went into the kitchen, opened the cupboard and looked at the last box of instant noodles in the cupboard. Her hopes in life were immediately rekindled.

“Sure enough, God has mercy on me.”

Quickly soaking the instant noodles in boiling water and sniffing the rich fragrance in the air, she enjoyed squinting her eyes at once.

“Food flavors, I love you!”

She stirred up a few strands of noodles and took a nice swig. She turned off the living room lights and carried the instant noodles upstairs to the study.

Looking at the printer still at work, she sat on Mu Tianye’s comfortable leather chair with instant noodles in her arms, turned on the TV series she was keeping track on in her laptop, and started watching while eating.




A black cars stopped at the door of the villa. Zhou Tao immediately got off the car to help Mu Tianye pull open the door, and trot up the steps to help him open the main door.

“By the way, Chief Mu, the Lanting apartment has already been tidied up. When are you and your wife going to stay there?”

Mu Tianye stopped at the door to look at the living room with no lights on, slightly pondering.

“Tomorrow afternoon, inform her to move in.”

Seeing that the guest room is dark and it’s quite late to entertain a guest together with the dawn a few hours later, he considered that Ning Xiaofei has already slept, so he instructed Zhou Tao to inform her.

“Okay, Chief Mu, see you tomorrow.”

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