Chapter 135 & 136

Chapter 135: Strong Alliances

The man glanced at the uttering servant and stopped.

“Here’s a reward” Drinking a mouthful of wine on one hand, he handed one of the remaining brandy to the attendant then the man slowly walked outside.”

After Fang Chixia left, she found a far corner and sat down.

She did not know anyone here. All the exchanges between the guests were from powerful dignitaries. Her status, if submerged in here, no one would ever know.

Luo Yibei was surrounded by many people. At the beginning, he was surrounded by men, several people were chatting, and later changed to women.

He seemed to be welcome everywhere, and his impassive, distant face was unpalatable, but there were many women who tried to approach him wave upon wave.

He has a different attitude towards men and women. He could exchange a few words with men but when standing with women, there was an unspeakable coldness in his tone.

Fang Chixia sat far away in the corner watching him, unable to hear his side of the dialogue. She could not see his expression, but from the distance between him and those women’s bodies, and his hand gestures, she could guess how cold he felt for several people.

Fang Chixia was not surprised by this. He already has a Baby who is the envy of many women and incomparable to none. How could he care about these mediocre powders?

So looking at him, she did not bother to interrupt. Sitting quietly from beginning to end in the corner, she knew he would come to her after the party.

Sure enough, after waiting for less than an hour, Luo Yibei walked in her direction.

He did not look well when he came over, and was probably annoyed by the first few women.

“Let’s go!” Throwing the words to her coldly, he went ahead. Just as he was about to take her out of the palace, a servant suddenly stepped forward and bowed respectfully to him. “Master Luo, Princess Sophia has invited you over!”

“Wait for me!” Luo Yibei was startled. He looked at Fang Chixia beside him, and after some pondering, he followed the servant.

Princess Sophia is the most prestigious person in R country and the most affectionate member of the royal family with Rongxi.

When Rongxi was still at the helm of Luo Xichen, she had attended the major jewelry occasions from the hands of Rongxi, and has then developed a good friendship with the Luo family.

Luo Yibei regarded her as half an elder, and as he followed the footman, he saw Sofia still standing beside a young woman.

When Sophia saw him, she smiled kindly at him, drew the woman to herself, and introduced them with a smile. “This is my granddaughter, Su Rui.”

“Su Rui, this is Yibei, the head of Rong Xi. You have learned so much domestic and foreign news, presumably you are no stranger to him?”

“Hello Master Luo, I’m very honored to meet you here!” “Su Rui politely greeted him.

Luo Yibei looked steadily at Sophia, then at Su Rui, his eyebrows deepened.

He was a very shrewd man with a quick mind, and on occasions like this he needed only a glance to sniff out the first signs of trouble.

Sure enough, Sophia’s next words confirmed his speculation. “Easy, my granddaughter has been paying attention to the news of Rong Xi many years ago. The person she most appreciates in Rong Xi is you. She has never missed  news related to you, big or small. Today, she has the opportunity to meet you here. How about you let grandma arrange a strong marriage for Rong Xi and the royal family?”



Chapter 136: Sorry, I’m married.

She said it very directly, and did not feel that there was anything inappropriate to it.

Su Rui herself is a very beautiful girl. Unlike the delicate exquisiteness of the Orientals, she looks very ethereal. She has a high sense of coolness as magazine models and a strong family background. There are countless nobles who want to marry her in R country.

When Sophia proposed this, she was very confident and never thought that Luo Yibei would refuse.

“I’m sorry, Madame!” Who knows that Luo Yibei did not even hesitate to say no. He first apologized to Sophia, then turned his eyes next to the far corner where Fang Chixia stood still waiting for him.

Then, without batting an eye, he added, “I’m already married!”

The short three words, like a potent time bomb, exploded with a bang on the scene.

Sofia looked at him unbelievably and was clearly surprised by what he said.

Su Rui felt like she was slapped in the face and her arrogant dignity was shattered by him.

He actually even vetoed so directly…

When did he get married?

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first” Without explaining, Luo Yibei bid Sofia and turned straight for the door.

“Just what were you chatting about?” Fang Chixia casually asked while walking, following after him when he passed.

“Do you want to know?” Luo Yibei turned his eyes to her, staring at her face for a few seconds, then said the words after a bit of pondering.

Fang Chixia actually saw just when he looked at her side, somewhat curious about what kind of topic would be related to her.

However, listening to Luo Yibei’s tone, she felt that he wouldn’t tell her, indifferently she returned, “No.”

Originally with the relationship between the two, she did not stand to care about him so much.

As the pair continued to walk outside the palace gate, Luo Yibei did not mention what the matters inside were from beginning to end, as if it had never happened.

The two returned to their hotel and did not make more stops in R country. They flew back to China the next day.

Upon arriving at the airport in City C, they just walked out of the airport one after the other when Luo Yibei’s mobile phone rang immediately.

The Baby called.

There was no need to guess. When Luo Yibei saw the caller’s name on display and his eyebrows softened, Fang Chixia already knew.

“Baby, what’s the matter?” Luo Yibei answered the telephone, turn aside and chatted with the baby.

“Did you arrive? Don’t leave by yourself, I’m on my way to the airport now. Grandpa and I are picking you up!” The baby’s voice came from the other end of the phone, and it sounded like she was in a good mood.

“OK, I’ll wait for you.” Luo Yibei smiled and hung up the phone.

 He did not walk away. Fang Chixia and he stood close and during the phone call, the dialogue between the two was heard very clearly.

“The Baby is coming?” Her eyes turned to him and she asked knowingly.

Luo Yibei looked at her sideways, faintly saying “hmm” as he maintained his composure to observed her reaction.

Who knew that she would answer back without batting an eye, “Then I’ll go first, you should not want to be disturbed.”

With that, she turned around and headed out of the airport.

She disappeared so quickly, and she didn’t even look back. It was clear that she didn’t mind him with other women but was even more willing to provide him with convenience.

Such a woman, added another blockage on Luo Yibei’s chest.

How thoughtful!

Should he be relieved to have such a generous wife?

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