LLW – Chapter 8: The domineering Miss

A shrill cry broke out mid-air.

This time, the air was mixed with a little bit of bloody smell.

Feng Qingwan only felt the sharp pain on her face. Reaching out and wiping a handful of blood, she screamed out in horror ??

“Ah!! My face!!”

Following her voice, the Second Madam and Feng Chaoyang looked over.

It was this glance that made them gasp.

At this moment Feng Qingwan’s whole face appeared to have been blown open, bloodied and blurry, that almost all her facial features couldn’t be seen.

Blood, continued to drip down.

Taking in those blood, Feng Qingwan could no longer bear it and her whole person fell as she fainted.

“Feng Chuge, you really went to far. See if I don’t finish you today!!” The Second Madam absolutely couldn’t tolerate her daughter being made into a waste. She raised her hand and flew forward.

The strength of the Second Madam wasn’t that high, just on the level of Ling Zhe (Spiritual Person).

But in the bottom of her eyes, such strength was sufficient enough to kill a waste.

She leaped up and advanced at Feng Chuge…

Over the years, the body of the Second Madam had already become plump.

She moved her body a little clumsily and struck straight at Feng Chuge.

Just as she was about to hit Feng Chuge, Feng Chuge sidestepped slightly.

In a flicker, her figure left her original place.

The second lady threw herself into the air, and at the same time a strong feeling of pressure came from her back, which prevented her from changing her position.

So ??

With the Second Madam’s posture like this, the whole person, facing the Earth, fell straight down, till the end. “Poof” a sound, the Second Madam, like a dog eating excrements, fell to the ground.

“Ouch, my waist…” She rubbed her waist in pain and kept groaning in her mouth.

The situation was really too chaotic at the moment.

Feng Chaoyang finally stopped his hand and stepped forward to support the Second Madam while the already scared Feng Qianxue stood rock still on the side.

“What are you waiting for, still not sending the sending the Second Madam and ladies to their rooms?” Feng Chuge thundered at the servants who were watching not that far away.

Today, these circumstances were indeed somewhat special, so the people under did not dare neglect, they immediately stepped forward and helped the people on the ground up.

The instant the Second Madam was lifted up, a few servant girls couldn’t stifle their laugh.

Su Ri Li, the Second Madam, who was always been bossy, because her hairpin was pulled out earlier plus her falling to the ground, her hair all hung down.

And just as she landed on the ground, she knocked out her teeth.

On the ground, scattered a few teeth, weren’t those the Second Madam’s?

These minions were no longer afraid to send them out of the Water Pavilion.

With Feng Chuge’s stance there just now, everyone thought in their heart that today, this Water Pavilion will be having a change of master.

However, they have admit that today, the Fourth Miss was truly domineering!!

These minions on one side were on a dilemma and didn’t know where to send the Second Madam and the others. Feng Chaoyang squinted his eyes, looked at the Water Pavilion and shook his head.

Thinking back on his fight with Zilan and the strength of her attacks, Feng Chaoyang finally understood. The reason why Feng Chuge was so spirited today was because she has the help of a master! !

With a master behind the scenes, he couldn’t have any frontal conflicts with Feng Chuge , otherwise he’ll only suffer.

For expedient measures, he had to let the servants first send the mother and daughters back to his own courtyard.

At last, the Second Madam and the two ladies were taken away.

Feng Chaoyang looked back at Feng Chuge icily ——

“Feng Chuge, just you wait…” Today’s matter, I’ll definitely have a good reckoning with you in the future.”

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