Chapter 41: Not interested in you, It doesn’t work that way.

Ning Xiaofei didn’t recognize the voice, “Did you make the wrong call?”

On the other end of the phone, someone obviously snorted, “Ning Xiaofei, don’t play the fool with me!”

The other voice sounded a little familiar. Ning Xiaofei suddenly thought of who it was, then the girl deliberately replied arrogantly, “Ah, who are you?!”

The voice of the other side was laden with anger, “I am Pei Ruoxi, come up in ten minutes.”

“Oh, it is Miss Ruoxi.” Ning Xiaofei reached down and pressed her floor. “Sorry, I’m so busy, I’m not interested in you, and it doesn’t work that way!”

Retracting her finger, she raised her hand and firmly clicked the screen to hang up the phone. Then the girl blankly looked down on the darkened screen.


Really treating themselves as RMB like everyone likes them. Hah, this aunt will not buy your account.

Imagining the one holding the phone at the other end and the appearance of Pei Ruoxi’s angry face, Ning Xiaofei smilingly went out of the elevator.

Well, she has already offended her, she’s not afraid to offend her a few more times. She’s always been the best at suffocating people.

On the other end of the phone, Pei Ruoxi listened to the call ended tone on the phone. Her brows snapped together in anger as her pretty little face distorted some.

This dead girl dared to speak to her so rudely, and also… hung up on her?

With Pei Ruoxi’s status today, in this television station, even the director when he meets her has to smile and say hello to her, but this little girl courageously dared to be so disrespectful to her.

“Ning Xiaofei!” She slammed the table which were stacked with coffee cups. Pei Ruoxi gritted her teeth and stood up, “As long as I, Pei Ruoxi is mixed in this circle, for a day, don’t think of coming out of the ground!”



In order to write up a beautiful plan, Ning Xiaofei spent the whole afternoon as if on the clockwork.

Find information, print, copy, call teachers for advice…

All the way to the end of the shift, she finally collated the front and back of the whole scheme.


On the guest list, she got stuck.

To say stars, it’s easy to find a lot, but to discover a God who was not in the entertainment circle and has extraordinary influence wasn’t a laughing matter.

What kind of character can compete against a star like Xicheng?

Holding the mouse in one hand, her left arm lifted up and grabbed her hair …

Zhang Yue came over and gently tapped the partition of her desk

“Xiao Ning, still not going?”

Ning Xiaofei came back to her senses and looked around. Only then did she find that the lights had already been lit up in the office. The other colleagues had left, except for Zhang Yue, who was standing in front of her with his bag on his back, and she were left.

“Oh, I’m not done yet, you go ahead.”

“Okay, it’s too late. Be safe on the way.”

Zhang Yue bid her goodbye and turned out of the office. Ning Xiaofei leaned back on the backrest of the swivel chair, stretched out her arms and massaged the stiffness on her back. She looked left and right, she gently lifted her feet and removed her tow little feet from the high heels she wore, laid them on the edge of table and wiggled her toes.


She took a deep breath and relaxed her arms.

When her two arms were just stretched out, she heard a soft ting on the side of her body. Startled, Ning Xiaofei turned her face the other way. She saw that the door of the General director’s office was pulled from the inside. Then, Ji Mo’s thin and tall figure came out of the door.

In a panic, she tried to retract her feet from the table. She didn’t know if it was because she pushed too hard, the swivel chair slid backwards, and her body slid off the chair.

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