EP – Chapter 40: ‘Dare to take the Emperor down. ‘

Ning Xiaofei raised her wrist to see the time, only to notice that the morning had passed.

Looking at the half-written plan, she lifted her right hand and massaged a slightly sore neck.

“Five minutes.”

Closing the computer, she simply got up and tidied up, grabbed her cell phone and purse, looked around, and when she did not see the figure of Zhang Yue, she immediately turned to the door, and went downstairs to the ground floor, to the canteen for the TV station’s staffs.

“Feifei! “

When she saw her, Ye Qiao waved her hand to her at once.

Ning Xiaofei walked briskly over. Looking at the table where Ye Qiao has already ordered a good starter, she felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Letting you treat me again, how embarrassing, Ah!”

Ye Qiao sent the spoon to her hand. “Miss Ning has been transferred to the most promising column and your future is boundless. Of course, I have to bribe you. After you are on fire, I’ll also hold your thighs.”

“Give me a break!” Ning Xiaofei forked a shrimp and neatly peeled off the head and tail. “It is estimated that I will get lost and leave tomorrow morning!”

“Why?” Ye Qiao asked inexplicably.

“Don’t mention it. On day one, I had offended the two great gods in the group.”

Ye Qiao raised her eyebrows and looked at her in disbelief. “No, who?”

“Your idol Pei Ruoxi, and the General Director of our group.”


Ye Qiao opened her mouth like a boss, “Are you crazy?”

“No way, you know me. Your sister has always been ‘daring’ enough to take the emperor down. Who told them to push me hard!” Ning Xiaofei put the shrimp in her mouth. “Forget it, let’s not talk about these when eating. It’ll only spoil my appetite. What’s more, I have to go back to write a plan in a while! I didn’t eat this morning. I am starving.”

“You poor little thing. Where’s the famous little grandma married into a noble family!” Ye Qiao placed more shrimps on her plate. “I’m going to lose weight these days, you eat it!”

“You’re going to be reduced to skin and bones again!” Ning Xiaofei bit the shrimp back to her with a supercilious look.

“What can I do, I’m not like you, born with a small photogenic face.” Ye Qiao said excitedly and came over to her, lowering her voice and saying, “Let me tell you something. Our group leader Liu said, as long as I can thin down my face, when our group’s host takes a maternity leave next month, she’ll let me replace her to broadcast it.”

“Really, that’s great.” Ning Xiaofei immediately smiled and reached over the drinking glass. “Here, a toast to the future anchor!”

Ye Qiao and she were high school classmates. The two people together enrolled into a media university. She studied News Writing and Reporting while Ye Qiao studied Broadcasting Journalism. The both of them also entered the same TV station for internship, but because of their different majors, they were separated and assigned into different columns.

Ye Qiao’s biggest dream was to be able to be a moderator one day. Now that she heard her good friend has taken a step nearer her dream, Ning Xiaofei was also sincerely happy for her.

“Your Side … is everything all right?” Ye Qiao drank a glass and asked with concern.

Ning Xiaofei just sent the glass to her mouth indifferently. “Nothing, it’s no big deal, I will go back to my news department.”

She has always been a person who reports the good news and not the bad. This matter can not be said to Ye Qiao’s since it would be useless and it will just add to her worries.

Time was tight and there was no time to waste on chatting. After lunch was quickly stuffed into her stomach, she immediately left Ye Qiao and walked out of the canteen.

She just entered the elevator when her the phone rang. Looking at the strange number above, Ning Xiaofei doubtfully connected the phone.

“At the top floor cafĂ©, I’ll wait for you!”

At the other end of the phone, an arrogant female voice rang.

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