EP – Chapter 39: There’s a word called “backbone.”

The man in glasses looked at Ning Xiaofei with some worry and stretched his palm to gently pull her sleeve under the table.

Ning Xiaofei knew that the other side was hinting at her not to go against Ji Mo, but she did not pay attention.

Things has already gone this far. It doesn’t matter if she has to walk but before she goes, she must fight for this tone!

Did they think that soft tomatoes were easy to pinch?

Even if she was a soft tomato, she would splash the juice on their faces, so that those who always like bullying the weak would know that there is a word called “backbone”!

Across the table, the man who has been frowning slightly has his brows unfold a little and raised them up.

“As long as you write well, I dare to use it! But…” He pushed aside his chair and stood up. “If you dare to ask someone for help or copy a word from someone… then pack your things and get out of here. This column doesn’t need such a shameless fool!”

All looked at Ji Mo so no one noticed the unnatural look that flashed on Pei Ruoxi’s beautiful elegant face.

“Xu Producer, I still have something to do. I’ll take a step first.”

Picking up his computer and files from the table, Ji Mo turned his face and nodded to Xu Producer, and then strode out of the conference room with his computer and documents.

“Okay.”Xu film a smiled “Then that is all for today. Miss Pei and Xiao Ning, good luck to the both of you. Meeting adjourned.”

Everyone got up and left with things in their arms. Ning Xiaofei also sat back in her chair and gathered up her things.

 “Miss Pei, let’s go. I’ll show you to your office.”

Xu Producer gestured and left Pei Ruoxi while the man beside Ning Xiaofei stretched out a hand.

“My name Zhang Yue, welcome to our group.”

“Thank you.” Ning Xiaofei smiled and shook hands with him.

“Let’s go, I’ll arrange a seat for you.” Zhang Yue smiled and led her out of the conference room. They entered big room with the Planning Department card hanging on the door, and helped her put her computer on an empty desk in the corner. “Why don’t you just sit here?”


Ning Xiaofei did not care about the seat. Anyway, she will definitely be driven away by Ji Mo tomorrow. It doesn’t matter where she sits.

“These are some of the information I’ve collected, perhaps you can use it!” Putting a pile of information on her desk, Zhang Yue raised his hand and pushed his glasses, “I’m rooting for you!”

Ning Xiaofei took a glance at the information on the table and shook her head gently.

This one is really simple. He did not really think that Ji Mo will use her plan, right?


Man struggles for breath just as a tree striving to live with a piece of bark.

Even if she has to go, she has to prepare a wonderful plan to let Ji Mo have a good look that she, Ning Xiaofei was not a fool!

Thanking Zhang Yue, she reached out and took out the laptop from her backpack. She immediately pulled out a copy from several prepared plans she did before and carefully revised them.

She had been studying this column for several days after Ms. Huang had mentioned it to her and tried to write her own plans.

She did not actually think that she would have the opportunity to participate in the planning. She just wanted to train her own ability, which could come in handy.

Staring at the computer screen, Ning Xiaofei quickly got into work.

Before she knew it, the morning had passed and it was only when the phone on the table rang that she recovered from her work.

 “Come downstairs, today the canteen has your favorite fried stewed prawns!”

Ye Qiao’s sweet voice rang at the other end of the phone,



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