Chapter 129 & 130

Chapter 129: Just follow him.

Fang Chixia gave him an inconceivable look, “Are we going to pass the night here?”

“Is it a problem?” Yibei raised a brow pushed the chair to stand up, arranged his wrinkled clothes, and turned towards the cabin.

Fang Chixia was also just startled for a little while then went after him.

He’s right. So long as she is with him, where they’ll pass the night would be similar.

The irony of was that Fang Chixia never knows where or when he wants to do something!

Luo Yibei was ahead walking nonchalantly on his own and his pace still very laxed, exuding an extremely sexy pace.

Fang Chixia drank several glasses of wine tonight not really tipsy, just a little groggy in head.

As she was wearing stilettos, when she reached the last steps of the stairs, the boat shook, and for a moment her body failed to stand still, and she fell uncontrollably sideways.

“Ah ~” Fang Chixia’s small face paled in fright. She reacted real quick reflexively putting her arms around him.

She threw herself upon Yibei striking him erect on the back holding him tightly in her arms and attaching her whole body clinging to his back.

The sudden movement made Yibei’s spine stiffen visibly, the corner of his eye flashing slightly sideways, his eyes swinging round her arm, and his eyes turning to her face.

Fang Chixia has drank wine rendering her cheeks crimson and her yes a little misty. They were moist making her dark pupils specially alluring, bright as the night sky above and shining like eternal twinkling stars.

Yibei stared at her his eyes getting darker.

Fang Chixia noticed that his eyes were wrong and retrieved her arms in a flurry.

“Let’s Go!” ” Crossing him, she walked forward and went ahead in front of him.

After a few steps, she retreated.

Looking up at him, she said awkwardly, “Where is our room?”

She was a bit disoriented asking and with her dazed eyes, at the moment, Yibei found her surprisingly very lovely.

“Follow me.” With a faint glance, he walked in front of her and led her toward the room.

This was a luxurious private cruise ship so the room layout was comparable to a presidential suite. All the supporting facilities were inside and everything was prepared.

Once Yibei entered, he took the door closed the door behind him and headed for the bathroom.

As he went, he casually unbuttoned his shirt.

Fang Chixia’s mouth was a bit parched as she watched his sexy and elegant movements.

Her eyes flinched away with difficulty, and she poured herself a glass of water over her side.

Luo Yibei beamed at her reaction and turned into the bathroom.

He bathed quickly, unlike Fang Chixia who after going in would take half a day before she comes out.

He usually gets it done in a few minutes.

Fang Chixia was groping for the zipper of that long dress when he came out and fumbled several times, seemingly untouched.

She was standing sideways to him, her body dimly lit and so her fine body curves were flawlessly presented to Yibei’s eyes.

From Yibei’s angle, he was able to look at her body very well and could even see somewhere partly visible.

Just watching, in his head naturally emerged that place of delicate soft touch that had been held in his own hands…

Chapter 130: You don’t look well

Yibei’s eyes darkened.

His eyes however went unnoticed by Fang Chixia who was still trying to pull the zipper.

Pulling it down, there probably were some hair strands stuck in the inside so and ~Ah~ poured out of pain with her eyebrows are screwed up.

The very light low cry, in fact, had no change of tone.

However, in such a quiet night, coupled with the waxy softness of her own voice, the listening ears Yibei received it quite crispy and very delicate.

Fang Chixia was still struggling against the zipper.  Leaning her head, she tried to pull out her hair, but one hand appeared a step ahead of her and pushed her hand and took care of her hair.

He did it naturally, and Fang Chixia did not think much of it.

“Thank you.” whispered her thanks and attempted to pull her clothes out of his hands.

  Luo Yibei however refused to let go of the zipper of her dress he was holding.

Fang Chixia was startled for a few seconds. She glanced sideways and met his eyes, her heart jumped a bit.

Yibei’s eyes were hot, like two clusters of flames burning in a dark night, and they fell upon her.

Fang Chixia knew what he wanted to do, and in her heart became nervous for some reason.

“I’ll get changed first!” She pushed him away and tried to head for the bathroom, only to be pulled back by his wrist.

“I’ll help you!” He picked her up and carried her straight to the bed.

“I want to change into my bathrobe!” Fang Chixia reminded.

He was not taking her to change clothes, he obviously got bad intentions.

Yibei also ignored her and took her to the bedside. She pushed her down and they fell on the bed.

Then, leisurely he added, “I’ll help you take it off!”

Fang Chixia’s face turned red then white for a while, her hands pulling the sheets tightly.

Yibei spent his time admiring the changes in her expressions, his face tilted down to hers and his cool lips fell softly on hers.

Both drank wine so the taste of their mouths were the same. The smell of wine in each other’s mouth spread, winding, blending and exceptionally intimate.

Fang Chixia also didn’t know if she was truly drunk tonight or because such a night was too sensational. When he kissed her, she actively and unexpectedly wound her arms around his neck.

Luo Yibei was slightly startled, but did not expect her to be so cooperative.

Staring at her misty eyes for a moment, his thin lips covered hers again.

His kiss turned fierce and rough. Not long after, Fang Chixia began to feel drowsy and couldn’t tell the difference between the sky and the Earth.

Luo Yibei was completely enjoying her smooth cooperation. She didn’t see that the barbaric factors lurking within his body were utterly hooked out.

He thought so, and he did it all night.

The lethargic Chixia slept through the night, and the next day was awakened by the sun.

The very dazzling light, sprinkled from the window, quietly projecting on her body, piercing her eyes so that someone couldn’t open her eyes.

What stood out more than the sun were the marks that Yibei left on her last night, big and small.

Different shades, like blossoming roses, enchanting and charming.

The pain in Chixia’s body immediately dispersed all over her. She already lost count of how many times she’d been eaten by Yibei.

There was the sound of surging waves outside the window so they were clearly still at sea.

Chixia was somewhat surprised. She picked up her clothes on the ground to put them on, then she opened the door to go out…..

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