Chapter 127 & 128

Chapter 127: Cruise night

The place where Fang Chixia stood was just in front of a crystal lamp. The lights laid on top of her head leaving a clear, shallow silhouette and reflecting the curve of her face  unusually soft and feminine.

At this moment, she was particularly stunning, not from her external image, but from the inside and outside of the conversation. She was so at ease, letting the moment of her beauty a bit distracting.

During the entire visit, Fang Chixia was chatting with the lady, and Yibei was only in charge of giving orders from beginning to end. All the words he said were limited to, “Tell her XXX…” and so on.

It was already more than nine o’clock when it ended.

The old lady tried to keep them, but Fang Chixia  declined.

Walking out of the villa, the lady returned a necklace to Fang Chixia, a brilliant turquoise diamond, saying that it could bring happiness.

Old people generally believe these but Fang Chixia didn’t take her words to heart. She followed Luo Yibei out and after leaving the castle, she put the necklace away.

On the way back, Luo Yibei drove halfway up and, thinking of her performance privately, he asked coldly, “How did this come to be?”

He was referring to the local Italian language.

“The teacher in charge of this course in the school happens to be from this place, so I followed him and learned a little extra.” Fang Chixia faintly answered back and turned her eyes outside the window.

The night view of Sicily is very beautiful, the sky is dark with a few stars like diamonds sparkling, half of the lights were down the mountain painting the whole landscape hazy.

This was the first time Fang Chixia has looked seriously at the place.

After having been there for three days.

A very beautiful place. While driving a car on the road, there is  kind false dream in the world of dreams, everywhere are beautiful.

A music was playing inside the car, Chi-Di-Dotte, a soothing Italian song about the night. With the night serving as a backdrop, the melody sounded very gentle.

The car was quiet and neither spoke.

Fang Chixia’s entire attention was left out of the window.

Finally arriving at the hotel, she want to go in, but was called back by Luo Yibei behind, “As a gift and reward for tonight’s help, I’ll take you to a place!”

Fang Chixia’s footsteps stopped and looked back at him.

“Keep up!” Yibei went ahead, leading her in the direction of the sea.

Fang Chixia hesitated, but still followed him out.

The pair crossed an alleyway and ended up on a cruise ship by the sea.

A very magnificent sea ship painted in pure white has lights in the night that twinkled like stars creating a dreamy illusion.

Yibei first stepped forward and was already on the board. Leaning his head to the side, his eyes turned behind him and at the sight of the shoes on a her feet he spread out his palm to her.

Fang Chixia followed up a few steps and handed him her hand.

She was wearing stiletto heels so walking board was not very stable. Holding Luo Yibei and leaning against him would relatively make it easier to walk.

Following him and heading for the cruise ship, she had guessed the purpose of their coming to such a place.

What time is it and they’re still there?

He’s not going back tonight, is he?

Fang Chixia was ruffled so she pulled him straight out and asked, “Are we going back tonight?”

“Is it so bad if we don’t go back tonight?” Luo Yibei squinted at her, his eys still lingering on her face for few seconds.

Fang Chixia got dazed by his eyes.

Which aspect was bad?


Chapter 128: Cruise Night (2)

Yibei did not explain, but took her towards the cabin.

The last place the pair stopped was on the deck, which had been decorated by the time they arrived.

A circle of orange lights were lit around the guardrail. Hazy lights flickered quietly and so the whole darkness was decorated indistinctively.

A small table with some food and wine was positioned on the  bow deck. With the swaying candle lights, it could be seen that this was prepared in advance.

Fang Chixia never expected him to bring her to such a place.

She stared at the boat for a good while, astonished at his arrangement.

She never thought Yibei could be a sentimental person. Their marriage was a secret so she didn’t need his love.

“Let’s Go!” After being thrown off balance, his voice suddenly sounded beside her.

The cool thin voice as always with a kind of harmonizing coldness pulled Fang Chixia’s dissociated thoughts back.

She has said it!

That’s the way he is!

Yibei faintly glanced at her, walked straight up to the table and stood still. He opened the red wine lying on it and poured one cup for each of them.

In his hands is a bottle of Petrus. Petrus, known as the Supreme Wine King, as honorable as its status, is the British royal family and the major European aristocracy’s darling.

Chixia came to him a few paces, sat down opposite him, and took one of the cups taking a light sip in her mouth.

Accompanying him tonight to the present until now, her stomach has actually been empty. Before in the castle, she had to eaten a little.

But the old aristocratic lady in the seat was very eloquent, and kept asking her this, and that, so at the end of dinner, she had hardly eaten anything at all.

Now when she saw the food, she was not as polite as he was, and ate with her head down.

During the meal, she casually asked him, “Why did you suddenly think of coming here?”

Shi Luo had made fun of the two before, but now with this atmosphere, it was a bit like a honeymoon to Fang Chixia.

“Aren’t you hungry? Give it to me!” Yibei’s knife and fork paused, not directly answering her question, but reaching for the food laid out in front of her.

The hand has not yet touched, but was Fang Chixia pushed it away.

“Who says I’m not hungry?” Placing the dinner plate in front of herself, she lowered the head to consume her meal quietly and did not speak again.

For the dinner, both of them worked it out a little slowly.

The candlelight on the table, still flickering quietly, burned warmly to the ground.

The sound of the breeze on the sea came from time to time, but the atmosphere at this moment turned Fang Chixia unusually quiet.

The silence gave off a feeling of peacefulness.

The sea is beautiful at night, the decks were decorated splendidly, while sea level and the sky were more enchanting.

The night sky in Sicily was very quiet and a twinkling stars in the darkness adorned the sky, black and white intertwined, just like the sparkling diamonds of the ring on Chixia’s neck.

Occasionally, several cruise ships passed by and a faint halo would fall on the surface of the water, setting the surface of the sea variegated.

With difficulty, the dinner between the two was finally settled, and Chixia looked up and inquired again. “It’s getting late, do want to go back?”

Yibei rejoined lazily, “Did I say I’ll go back?”

Fang Chixia: “…”

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