EP – Chapter 35

On the main seat, a middle-aged man with a slightly fat body turned his face. Knowing that this must be the chief producer of this show, Ning Xiaofei immediately pasted a smile on her face.

“Xu Producer, I’m sorry, because of the traffic jam, I came late.”

As his eyes fell on her face, a stunned look flashed in Xu’s eyes. Then a smile rose from the corners of his lips.

“It’s all right. The traffic in A city is really a big problem. We are just getting started. Come over and take a seat!”

As a newcomer who came the latest, Ning Xiaofei was aware of her mistake. She originally thought that she’d be scolded, but with the producer’s unexpected gentleness, her heart felt very grateful. She immediately returned back a sweet smile, turned around to all who were present and politely bowed down.

“My name is Ning Xiaofei. Please look after me in the future, teachers and seniors ….

The little girl was born sweet and polite, and there was a saying that you shouldn’t slap a smiling face. The chief producer did not say anything. Of course, everyone would not be hard on her.

“This is a meeting, not the time for you to socialize!” A disgruntled voice came from the other side, in a stern tone.

Ning Xiaofei was interrupted by the other party that her small mouth grew stiff. Instinctively, she looked in the direction of the voice.

She saw a young man sitting on the left of the chief producer, about twenty-seven or eight years old, who was very casually dressed in a moonlight casual wear, and with a pair of star bright-like eyes watching her unhappily.

“I am sorry.”

Ning Xiaofei apologized at once.

The young man only grunted disdainfully at her apology.

Xu producer smiled and opened his mouth, “Ji Mo, the little girl is a newcomer. Don’t scare her away. Xiao Ning ah, this is the General Director of the column group, Ji Mo.”

So young but he could sit in the position of the General director, although the name and face were very strange to her, Ning Xiaofei understood that the other party must not be an ordinary character, and immediately bowed in courtesy.

“Ji Leader, hello!”

Ji Mo’s eyebrows wrinkled more and more. “I don’t want to waste time, you’d better sit down now.”

The man, who had opened the door for her, was very considerate. He had now helped her take a spare chair beside him to the table then gently pulled her arm. Ning Xiaofei did not dare make another sound. She sat down at the table, took out a book and a pen from her bag, and got ready presenting an attentive demeanor.

She has been following the teacher ran the news before but this time, the project belongs to the interview entertainment category. It is not a system at all and everything has to start from scratch. It definitely isn’t a small challenge.

As a newcomer, Ning Xiaofei knew she had a lot to learn, so she was ready to take notes even though she didn’t know what the meeting was about.

Ji Mo’s eyes quickly glanced over her face. “Now let’s go on, this new column is the focus of this year’s TV program, I hope you all raise up your spirit to twelve grades. From tomorrow onwards, I don’t want to see anybody late again!”

Knowing that this sentence was obviously directed at herself, Ning Xiaofei lowered her face and chewed on her lips. When she bit the wound bitten by Mu Tianye, her eyebrows screwed up and she scolded the bastard again in her heart.

It’s all the fault of that guy, otherwise, could she be late?

This scolding was really unjust. But on her first day at work, she has offended the director, later on, the days certainly won’t be better.

“The program will be officially launched two weeks later, and today we’ll discuss…” Halfway through the conversation, the door of the conference room was rung again. Ji Mo immediately turned his face in displeasure, “Come in!”

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