EP – Chapter 34: I won’t give a shit about you.

The girl in yellow is about twenty-five or six years old. She is tall, fair skinned and has short shoulder-length hair with a face showing an outstanding temperament.

Pei Ruoxi!

Ning Xiaofei recognized at a glance that this is her idol. Like her, she is from the Journalism Department of the College of Broadcasting Journalism School, the sister of the school, now a full gold medal host of A City, Pei Ruoxi.

At school, Pei Ruoxi was invited to return to the school to lecture several times. Ye Qiao always regarded Ruo Ruoxi as her idol. Ning Xiaofei also watched her hosting. Although she did not like her hosting style, to meet her here, Ning Xiaofei was also a little excited.

The other is a senior, and her school sister so courtesy was always required. She immediately smiled to say hello.

“Teacher Pei, I didn’t expect… to meet you here!”

Opposite, Pei Ruoxi just continued to look at her mobile phone, as if she had heard nothing.

Ning Xiaofei thought that the other party did not hear her. She immediately stepped forward and stood on the side of Pei Ruoxi, smiling and extending her right hand to her.

“I’m a big fan of yours. I’m in the same department as you, but four years later than you. I just enrolled at school when you graduated.”

Pei Ruoxi lifted her face from the screen of her mobile phone and scanned Ning Xiaofei from the corner of her eye.

“Tell her, I’m busy and I don’t have time.”

Pei Ruoxi walked straight out of the separated elevator doors and completely ignored Ning Xiaofei’s outstretched palm in the air, as if the person in front of her was nothing but air.

“All right!”

The assistant carrying her bag, trotted after her, and the two bodyguards als followed her then strode out of the elevator. Ning Xiaofei who was standing at the door, was squeezed back a step and nearly missed the elevator door.

Looking at the figures of the few people drifting away, Ning Xiaofei raised her frustrating right hand, looked at it, and immediately pouted.

“Marvelous, what a snob. Wait for the day when I’ll be a gold medal host, and I won’t give a shit about you.”

Murmuring in her mouth, but Ning Xiaofei did not dare to delay.

Rushing out of the elevator, looking to the left and right, she noticed the glass door with the words “Dialogues with God” hanging on one side, and quickly hastened her pace into it.

The column “Dialogues with God” is a joint venture of TV station and Fengyun Media. It is set on a prime time as it is a big investment project. Such a column generally has experienced old staff and newbies like Ning Xiaofei generally couldn’t get in.

She was able to get this opportunity because a reporter tutor who took her before she resigned and went abroad saw that Ning Xiaofei was smart and could endure hardships. She recommended her to come to the column group to work before leaving.

Seeing Ning Xiaofei, the receptionist at the front desk immediately smiled and opened her mouth.

“What can I do for you, Miss?”

“Oh, hello.” Ning Xiaofei quickly came forward. “My name is Ning Xiaofei.”

The little girl at the front desk immediately smiled. “You are Miss Huang’s student. Go on in. Everyone is having a meeting in the conference room!”

“Thank you.”

Ning Xiaofei thanked the other party and immediately trotted all the way to the outside of the conference room according to the girl’s instructions. Taking a deep breath, she gently knocked on the door.

For a moment, the door was opened from the inside. A young man with puzzled eyes looked at Ning Xiaofei. She immediately introduced herself. The other nodded and let her enter.

“Xu Producer, and the intern reporter recommended by Teaching Huang came.”

The conference room was packed.

As soon as the young man opened his mouth, in an instant, the eyes of the whole room shifted to Ning Xiaofei.



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