Chapter 109 & 110

Chapter 109: Just wear it/ It’s just so helpful.

Picking up the rose and looking at it, he gave it only a glance and no unnecessary messages, without batting and eye, Shi Jinyang Knewded the flower into a pile of petals.

His movements were very relaxed exuding the elegance in his bones. He didn’t look like a person destroying the flowers in his hand.

“Brother, what are you doing?” Shi Luo found his behaviour incomprehensible.

“Nothing, why bring such a mess?” Five slender fingers were loosened letting the petals on his hand scatter. Leaving a confused Shi Luo behind, he led Fang Chixia ahead in front of a window to get their boarding pass.

Shi Luo knew nothing of Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei’s relationship so he stood in place with a heavy face.

Why would he call it a mess?

It was just a joke and he wasn’t really ready to rob her!

Although Shi Luo looks a bit of a ruffian, he also has his own principles. His brother’s woman, he’ll never touch!

After the short episode, the three got their boarding passes and turned to the boarding gate to Milan.

It was early the next morning when they arrived.

Milan is the international fashion capital, where many fashion festivals are held every year.

Shi Jinyang brought Fang Chixia to attend the jewelry conference, which incorporated the works of top designers all over the world, including Rongxi’s.

Like Luo Yibei, Shi Jinyang himself is from a jewelry design family and has a very high appreciation of jewelry. This was one of the reasons Luo Yibei asked him to help manage Rongxi.

The first of the jewellery launches was at eight o’clock P.M. local time.

Fang Chixia followed Shi Jinyang and Shi Luo until the press conference was halfway through. Shi Yanyang looked at her holding the camera and kept taking pictures. “I forgot to say, this time, in fact, Yibei will come.”

He spoke so carelessly, and in such a light tone, as if he were saying something unimportant.

Fang Chixia was choked by his remark, and the camera in her hand nearly dropped to the ground.

“Why didn’t you warn me sooner?” A bitter look covered her face. She hasn’t seen Luo Yibei yet but she already began to get nervous.

When she left, she told Luo Yibei that she was going to stay with her classmate for a few days. If they were to meet in a foreign country now, doesn’t that make her look stark naked even when dressed?

 Shi Jinyang quietly admired the immediate change on her face for a second then waved at her, “Oh, I will tell earlier next time.”

The tone of his remark was very indifferent, and the feeling did not take her words seriously.

Fang Chixia: “…”

“You and Yibei know each other?” asked Shi Luo, who leaned over curiously.

Fang Chi Xia didn’t want their relationship to be announced, but she nodded stiffly.

“What’s going on?” Shi Luo sensitively sniffed the taste of gossip and wanted to cross-examine but Fang Chixia and Shi Jinyang took their own respective twists  and continued to pay attention to the jewelry show.

Only, after that time, Fang Chixia’s attention lost focus.

Shi Jinyang’s understatement has disturbed her completely.

Luo Yibei is coming?

Why didn’t anyone tell her?

It all made her head ache. At the end of the conference, chasing Shikan, she asked, “When will he arrive?”

“Tomorrow at the latest.” Shi Jinyang lightly answered back.

 “Can I go back early?” The corner of Fang Chixia’s mouth tugged making her look sad.

“Is that okay?” Shi Yan raised his eyebrows screwed them up.


Chapter 110: A pig teammate

“Not good!” Fang Chi Xia immediately vented.

This is really bad!

When attending such an important occasion, the opportunity was rare. Since she came, she is now saying that she will leave, the impact would be bad.

Fang Chixia suddenly had the feeling that she had jumped into Shi Jinyang’s pit.

But on the second thought, he has no reason to do so.

He also only recently learned that she and Luo Yibei knew each other.

Fang Chixia was stirred into restlessness at his light fluttering words and felt some indigestion after eating.

The conference was held at night, and a few people had to stay there for nearly a week.

They were quite idle during the daytime so Shi Luo proposed going to Sicily.

Shi Jinyang didn’t look like the kind of person who likes to play, but this time, he didn’t refuse.

Shi Luo was more playful and informal, walking side by side with Fang Chixia as his paws climbed up to her shoulders.

Shi Jinyang watched back coldly. Each time that his hand, as long as they just move up, he’ll move and clapped them open.

His strength wasn’t weak which made Shi Luo whine in pain, “Brother, what are you doing? I’m your own brother! “

“Where did you put your hands?” Shi Jinyang glanced at him coldly and took Fang Chixia to his side.

When he spoke to her sideways, his voice softened, “Let’s go!”

He was guarding Fang Chixia all the time. When they were walking in the crowd, his arm also helped  her to stop several people who had come close with his hand on her shoulder.

Shi Luo looked at the two people behind. His brows furrowed as he stared at Shi Jinyang’s hand.

With the same blood running through their veins, Shi Luo knows Shi Jinyang well.

When has he become so knightly for someone who was indifferent to anything around him?

Staring strangely at Shi Jinyang for a long time, the question remained unanswered until they reached Sicily.

Sicily is a very beautiful Mediterranean island, a honeymoon shrine where a lot of people come and go.

Shi Luo was the most unreliable teammate and was hooked up by a blonde and blue-eyed beauty upon their arrival.

Shi Jinyang was not the kind of person who liked a noisy atmosphere. With Fang Chixia, they first found a hotel and booked rooms, then he stayed in the hotel room and never came out.

Fang Chixia was still thinking about the matter of Luo Yibei’s arrival, but  has no knowledge of the specific time he will show up.

In the room, she thought of explanations when they meet later on, however, her head remained empty, nothing came to mind.

Staying in her room and doing nothing, she walked out of the hotel by herself.

The islands that are ideal for couples are generally magnificent, as is Sicily.

Whether it was the daylight of the blue sky or the golden sand beach,  the lamplight glitters at night in this dreamy kingdom.

This was Fang Chixia’s first time coming to this place so after leaving the hotel, she casually strolled around.

Considering that she was unfamiliar with the place, she didn’t go far.

Passing through an alleyway, she run into several people holding wine bottles, seemingly drunk.

A few were Italian, looking like  ruffians. They checked her out up and down.

Fang Chi Xia had a bad premonition. She crossed several men to leave but while passing, her wrist was pulled back, “Yo, where did this chick come from. Really looks juicy!”

The man’s voice was rogue, and the words he uttered were more rogue. He tried to reach out to her with a salty pig hand.

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  1. *sighs* for the last few chapters FC’s stupidity seems to have increased. I know their relationship is a secret and they agreed not to mess with each other’s private
    Life but she keeps doing the dumbest things and she always gets caught and punished. It would benefit her to just be honest with him if she wants to have a somewhat peaceful marriage for the next 4 years. All this running around and hiding and making things extra complicated isn’t doing her any good.


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