Chapter 107 & 108

Chapter 107: She has to go without approval

Fang Chixia soaked in the water so her hair was dripping wet down her shoulders. Her body was covered with petals and several pieces were on her hair.

She just stared at him in disbelief that he actually came in.

Luo Yibei’s sight slowly swept over her face and moved slowly down her neck and finally blocked by he rose petals floating on the water.

When his line of sight was interrupted, he seemed to dislike those petals. His brows wrinkled then he walked a few steps towards her.

He bent over to carry her out but Fang Chixia hurriedly lifted her arms to stop him, “Wait, wait!”

Luo Yibei glanced faintly at her and said disingenuously, “Why, do you also want to come this time?”

It was not once or twice that Fang Chixia was made fun of by him. Her face was uncomfortable but she didn’t pay attention to his words.

She knew she couldn’t hide tonight and didn’t mean to make a senseless struggle.

However, she didn’t want them to do it for nothing.

Thinking about her undecided trip to Italy, she informed, “I may not be back here for the next few days.”

She was observing his face in silence as she said this, speaking with some caution, only a little.

“Not approved.” Luo Yibei’s face remained expressionless and refuted her with those two words.

“I’m not asking for your opinion, I’m just informing you in advance.”  Anyway, since she couldn’t escape tonight, Fang Chixia was particularly courageous at this time.

She spoke slowly and her tone reflected her indifference to him.
She simply meant that if he agrees, she would go to Italy.

And if he doesn’t approve, she would still go to Italy!

The two just two just got married and before the marriage, they agreed not to interfere with each other’s business. He had no reason to control her activities just as she would not meddle in any of his affairs!

Luo Yibei didn’t think that she would answer back with such a sentence. His face was slightly distorted.

Has she been getting bolder lately?

Fang Chixia has given serious thought about it. This was a rare opportunity and as a newcomer, it is a good training.

What’s more, she just got a license with him and didn’t sell him her freedom for life. His opinion was actually not that important to her.

Telling him in advance was just in line with the principle of peaceful coexistence between husband and wife. She didn’t want it to lead to some unnecessary misunderstandings.

After voicing out her concerns, she ignored his cloudy complexion and leaned back. Taking the stance of being ready for any sacrifice, she tilted her neck up and stretched her arms towards him, “I’m ready.”

This was a pandering move.

The faint fragrance that hung around the bathroom together with the flamboyant luster of the rose petals complemented her fine facial features casting her delicate face even more beautiful.

Snow white skin like jade and ink hair were laid out.

Fang Chixia actually didn’t have any seductive skills but one action inadvertently parched Luo Yibei’s mouth dry for the second time.

Had it not been for the apparent reluctance on her face, he might have taken her behavior as seduction.

Fang Chixia didn’t realize what she had done at all and seeing that he was still not doing anything, she leaned her head sideways and looked at him quietly.

“Don’t want to? Then, I’ll go to the guest room.” Pulling the towel and wrapping it around her body, she tried to get past him with a foot out from the bathtub. Her impulsive attempt to sneak out however was stopped with a pull on her wrist.



Chapter 108: Boyfriend shortage

“All this hard work was to get everything ready. Wouldn’t it look bad of me if we don’t continue?”

Eyes squinting at her, his lips arched coldly. Leaning her against the wall, He leaned over and seized her lips, as their body pressed together….

His strength was savage and Fang Chixia suffered from the pain. His fingertips were severely buried into the flesh of her back but from beginning to end, she bit her lips and said nothing.

However, the result of her restraint made him more and more intense.

One night, Fang Chixia was tossed so much that she wanted to bite off a piece of his flesh.

Once again, another bitter and painful fact proves that in the face of a man who knows no temperance, it’s indeed difficult to cater to.

Otherwise, that was what happened to her tonight….

This was another lesson that Fang Chixia has learned since their wedding night.

Keeping in mind that she was going to Italy, she deliberately got up early the next day even she was too tired to stand up straight.

After getting up, she simply prepared a breakfast and then went straight out of the door.

Before leaving the house, she left a note for Luo Yibei, which read” I will not be back for the next few days. Let the servants prepare your meals.

At the end, she also painted a big smiling face with the eyes narrowed into crescent shapes. Obviously, after leaving, she was in a good mood.

Outside the house, she called Shi Jinyang.

She is Shi Jinyang’s assistant so she knew all about his itinerary. She knew that he would fly to Italy this morning and wanted to catch up with him before he left.

Shi Jinyang actually had already booked the tickets for her long ago. At this time, it never occurred to him that she might not go.

Getting the call right then was just in time.

When Fang Chixia arrived at the airport, she was surprised to find that Shi Luo also was there.

Shi Luo, who was quite unimpressed with the trip, when he saw her, his eyes lit up a lot.

“Hey, little beauty.” In the crowded lounge of the airport, the second young master Shi Luo raised the sunglasses on his hands as a way of saying hello, incomparably flirty.

Shi Luo was already extremely handsome and with that smile, there was something striking in the dimmed surroundings, especially his gleaming eyes which glittered so beautifully.

His good looks however was the sunny type. It gives people a feeling of spring breeze with no male lethality.

“What a coincidence!” Fang Chixia smiled brightly at him in surprise after his unexpected presence.

Shi Luo had seen her several times. When had she ever seen her smile so at him?

Now, he was a little flattered by the sudden smile.

His lips curved up and he amusingly ridiculed, “You see, if it is said that once met is called by chance, twice met is called a coincidence, now that we have met three times, what is this called?”

Fang Chixia was rendered speechless.

Ignoring her speechless expression,   Master Shi took a rose from the hand of a little girl next to him and straightened the collar of his shirt. He gallantly sent the flowers to her, “Are you missing a boyfriend? Can you consider a relationship with someone who has a quarter of French blood? He can accompany you to eat, to drink and to play, and also can be a part-time free driver and porter, how about it?”

Shi Luo’s French is actually better than his Chinese. But when said these words, he spoke smoothly in Chinese with quite a serious face.

Behold, Fang Chixia hasn’t responded yet but a long arm out of thin air took the flowers in his hands instead, then Shi Jinyang’s body came in between the two.

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