EP – Chapter 29: The lion cub has a fit of bad temper

Ning Xiaofei casually took the towel to wipe her face but the sourness in her eyes did not ease up immediately. Subconsciously, she raised her hand and went on to rub. Since her hands full of the cleanser has not been washed clean, it made them more sour. Feeling uncomfortable, she just frowned in pain.

“Ah… it hurts!”

Looking at the clumsy girl in front of his eyes, Mu Tianye just wanted to throw her out the door. He really has no patience watching her toss there so he reached out and grabbed her shoulder.

“You … What are you doing, Let Me go … “

Ning Xiaofei closed her eyes and struggled, but the man’s big hand just pressed her, pushing her head down hard while the other hand picked up water to caress her face, taking three or two to help her wash the foam off her face.

Pulling her bathrobe straight, he grabbed a clean towel and slapped it across her face.

“Get the hell out!”

Lifting her hands and pulling the towel down her face, his body met her eyes. Ning Xiaofei stared at him with a pair of red eyes then roared in anger.

“Get out, get out, get out! Why do you always let me get out? There was no wedding, no ring, no banquet on the table when you married me. And when you come back, you asked me for a meal, send you coffee to drink, and steamed dumplings. I am your wife, not your servant, not your slave…. Why do you let me get out. If one must get out, it should be you, I’m not getting out!”

In the past, the family of three in the Ji house liked to use get out to scold her. They would always say the words to make her tumble out of the Ji’s at the earliest convenience.

Ning Xiaofei was also particularly sensitive to these words.

If he had not suddenly come in, how could she get the cleanser into her eyes, and now her eyes were sore and painful, and even her nose was sore from the water she choked on. He also scolded her and asked her to scram so her little universe which was suppressed finally burst out uncontrollably.

Red eyes with raised eyebrows, the little girl in front of him was like a lion cub having a fit of a temper, as if at any moment, it will rush over hissing to give him a bite or two.

She scolded to the best of her ability, but did not notice that her bathrobe had loosened, and neither of her shoulders had gone out.

Dead girl, she dared shake her face in front of him, and also let him get out?

The man’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Can you say that again?”

“I!” Feeling the chill that emanated from the man, Ning Xiaofei’s small heart whipped, realizing that she had made a big mistake under the impulse. She immediately plastered a smile on her face “I….. I was joking with my husband, I……. I’ll leave right away, no matter how far away you’d like me to get out!”

Bending to pick up the towel at her feet, she turned to walk with a flattering smile back to him.

Her body has not turned yet, and her wrist has been clamped by a iron-like claw.

Want to escape?

That’s so easy!

She thought that he, Mu Tianye was someone she can show a fit of temper to, and he thought she already learned how to be good. Now, it seems like he really underestimated this girl.


Ning Xiaofei fell into his arms and subconsciously exclaimed aloud. When she raised her face to see the man’s expression, she was scared and shrank her neck.

“Husband, I… I didn’t mean to, I just… got out of hand for a while, and then… I won’t dare again… I promise…”

Grasping her slender arm and gazing at the small, watery, red-eyed face, Mu Tianye could not find an outlet for his anger. His eyes fell on her still chattering pink lips, and as soon as his right hand was raised, he grabbed her chin and bent his head to bite her lips.



5 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 29: The lion cub has a fit of bad temper”

    1. Welcome to Chinese novel lands. He will turn in to the most doting ML in a near future but you must go though LOAD of painful chapters.


      1. Oh I know, I’ve been here for a while. But I’m going to skip those loads of painful chapter showing ML’s assholery. I’m going to return after this hit the sweet sugary moments.


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