EP – Chapter 28: Dead girl, do you want to overturn the heavens!?

Taiwan and Fengyun media jointly organized a new column. The teacher took the initiative to recommend her to the latter and today was her first day in the new column. So, she should also pay attention to her image to leave a good impression to the person in charge of the column.

Flipping through the few outfits on the shelf, she mulled over and finally took off a set of light Champagne suit.

In the school, she was accustomed to wearing T-shirts and jeans. The station does not have any rigid requirements on clothes, but after all, it was her first day to report. Wearing a skirt would present a more formal point.

Removing the skirt from the shelf, she turned and opened the drawer to find a clean set of underwear.

Facing to the side, her wet hair got glued down to her cheeks. Ning Xiaofei casually put the underwear aside, turned and walked out of the cloakroom to the bathroom and gently found the hair dryer. She plugged it into the power source and faced the while lightly humming a tune.

“I’m going to steal my own pleasure, I decline your supervision …” She couldn’t remember the lyrics so she simply made some up, “What King of Hell, you must also stand out of the way…”

When she had finished blowing her hair, she looked up at herself in the mirror, took her face out of the drawer and began to wash it while secretly calculating.

After a while, she’ll have the leftovers for breakfast, then take the subway next, she certainly can’t delay …

She washed her face and did not notice that Mu Tianye, who she thought had gone, was running through the bathroom window.

Running every morning and adjusting his physical condition was a habit he has developed over the years and today was certainly no exception.

Stopping at the front door of the villa, Mu Tianye stretched his arms to do a few simple post-run stretches, grabbed the sports towel on his neck and wiped his face, immediately opened the gate, took off his running shoes and socks, then went upstairs barefoot.

Upstairs, he had taken off his sportswear and went to the third floor, where he threw off his clothes, took off his sweatpants and underwear, and went to the bathroom door.

The bathroom door silently separated.

Ning Xiaofei, who was washing her face, turned in astonishment and saw that outside the door, the man stood upright, looking as if he had just finished exercising, and his handsome face was covered with some thin sweat, a full and firm chest, and well-muscled abs….

The seductive figure was comparable to the international male models of an underwear show. Her vision swept through his body to that piece of obviously deep colored place. Her heartbeat tightened. She raised her hand to cover her face and screamed aloud.

Exhibitionist, he’s naked!

“Out … Get out! “

Her hands were full of cleanser foam, which ran into her eyes and made them sore. As she growled, she reached over her palm with her eyes closed and touched the towel rack on the wall.

In panic, she misjudged the position of the wall and touched several times before reaching it.

Outside the door, Mu Tianye’s long eyebrows wrinkled up.

He did not show others his body as a special hobby. He just wanted to bathe in the bathroom, and did not think she would be in. Originally, when he saw her, he wanted to avoid but hearing her roar, Mu Tianye stepped forward, into the bathroom instead.

All the places here were his turf and she’s not qualified to let him out yet.

Dead girl. You dare yell at me like this. Do you want to overturn the heavens?!

Watching her fingers skim several times a few centimeters from the towel, Mu’s patience quickly reached its limit.


Frowning at the towel, he grabbed it with his hands and shoved it into her clutching paws.

Zhou Tao will be coming to pick him up at seven o’clock. He had no time to watch her frothy face playing the game of grabbing a towel.

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