EP – Chapter 27: She can’t wave like that

Lifting her hand to deliver the card in front of her eyes, she looked at the front and back of the card. Ning Xiaofei pinched her eyebrows and only wished she could twist her buttocks and shout, I’m Rich!

Pinching herself, Ning Xiaofei hopped forward and then hurriedly regained her lady-like gait. She was now in her “Great Aunt” period so she can’t wave like that,

Turning to look at the door of the study room and did not see the shadow of the king, she immediately skipped all the way back to her room. She locked the door and immediately ran to the bed, threw herself into the big bed, rolled two times, before panting to embrace the pillow while hugging the little card to her arms.

This King has bad temper but he was quite generous.

No more worrying about eating. Tomorrow when she reports to the new column group, she must have good refueling.


By that time, she’ll let the Ji family and let all those who looked down upon her have a good look that she, Ning Xiaofei wasn’t a vegetarian!



At half past six in the morning the alarm went off on time.

Ning Xiaofei squinted to turn off the cell phone alarm clock. She closed her eyes and got out of bed, then went towards the bathroom. After just a couple of steps, on one hand hit the wall.

These days, she has gotten used to the master bedroom. She forgot that she was now in the guest room. The designs of this room and master bedroom were completely different and the bathroom in the opposite direction.

Rubbing her bruised forehead, she opened her eyes and looked around. Just reacting to the fact that she was in the guest room, she immediately turned and rushed into the bathroom on the other side.

Taking off her clothes, Ning Xiaofei casually opened shower. The water rushed to her head, then she realized a serious problem-no clothes!

Her clothes were in the dressing-room of the master bedroom and in her haste yesterday, it had not occurred to her.

There were spare toiletries in the guest room, but there was nothing there for her change of clothes.

Now that her hair has already gotten wet, there was no other way but only take a bath and then go over to take some.

After simply taking a shower, she grabbed the bathrobe and wrapped it around her. Pulling open the drawer and not finding the blower, she pulled a towel over her wet hair and walked to the door of the guestroom with her slippers drawn.

In the corridor, it was so quiet and she couldn’t see any figure. It was so early, that the person should still be sleeping!

On tiptoes, she went gingerly to the door of the master bedroom, squeezing the doorknob with her hand, and twisting it gently.

With a light bang, the door opened smoothly.

Good thing that this guy doesn’t have the habit of locking doors.

Gently pushing the door open, Ning Xiaofei put her eyes together before the door slit to look inside. From this angle, she could only see the big bed of the master bedroom. The bed was turned to one side and there was no one above.

He got up so early?

Opening the door wide, she peeped with her small head and looked around but she did not find Mu Tianye’s figure.

Did he, uh, go downstairs?

She withdrew from the door, went to the side of the stairs, and raised her voice.




There were several calls, none of which were answered.

It seemed that this guy should have gone already.

She did not expect that he got up quite early, but ah, probably successful people were like this.

Before, she has read the biographies of celebrities, what Li Ka-shing, Zong Qinghou, Apple CEO, Cook… All got up at four or five in the morning. There was really no casual success in this world.

Since the prince was not in, the little devil will be called the king!

Since he was not in, the bedroom was hers again.

Thinking of this, Ning Xiaofei straightened her waist, reached out and pushed open the door, went straight to the cloakroom door, opened its door and went in.

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