EP – Chapter 25: She’s his wife, not his slave

Walking into the dining room and seeing the table with almost no movement together with the steaming steamed dumplings and the porridge, a burst of anger immediately rose from Ning Xiaofei’s chest.

Eight dollars a shrimp dumpling, one was enough to buy two boxes of instant noodles, and this porridge which was clearly not even moved, isn’t this clearly like taking her money and playing it like water?

She angrily took up the dinner-box on the table, turned to throw it, smelled the scent in mid-air, and stopped again. Then her lips rose in a smile.

If he doesn’t eat, she’ll eat!

Sitting at the table, she unceremoniously picked up a steamed dumpling and served it to her mouth.

The shrimp was fresh and fragrant and the stuffing was not greasy. Eight dollars a shrimp dumplings, sure enough, was not a waste but was really delicious!

In the blink of an eye, she wiped out three, and looked at the remaining six dumplings in the box. She squeezed one more into her mouth.

With a few steamed dumplings in her belly, from the mouth to the stomach, there was a sweet satisfaction. Ning Xiaofei slowly drank half a bowl of porridge and rubbing her small full belly, she sighed happily.

Eating instant noodles every day almost makes her vomit.

Staring at the leftovers on the table, she secretly calculated that the rest of the porridge and dumplings will be in the refrigerator and will be heated in the microwave tomorrow. For breakfast, it would save time and effort and of course it would be delicious.

Thinking of it, she immediately got up and put her things in the fridge. She took the coffee out and carried it upstairs.

She had just enjoyed a “sumptuous meal”– although it was someone’s leftovers so Ning Xiaofei was in a good mood. While going upstairs, she hummed a tune.

When she reached the door of the study, she gently unlocked the door.

Inside the door came Mu Tianye’s voice. He was obviously in a temper. She quietly pushed open a seam and saw him holding a cell phone. His face was livid as he cursed on the phone.

It must be terrible being his employee!

Ning Xiaofei secretly sighed, lightly walked in, put the coffee on the edge of the table and turned to slip.

Mu Tianye saw her shadow from the floor-to-ceiling window and turned to see that she was walking towards the door.


Ning Xiaofei turned her face and raised her hand to point at herself, intending to ask.

“Wait.” ” Dumping a word behind, Mu Tianye continued his call, and roared at the phone. He only ended the phone call with this line: ” … Fax it to my office before nine o’clock tomorrow morning!”

“Cough!” Ning Xiaofei cleared her throat and opened her mouth sweetly. “I’ve left your coffee on the table. Do you want anything else?”

Mu Tianye walked around the table, took his seat, stretched his fingers over the coffee cup on the table, and took a sip.

The temperature of the coffee was already freezing, and she was good at brewing it.

Lifting his face from the coffee cup, he spat out a word succinctly.


Ning Xiaofei almost stomped her foot. After a short supper, then a coffee, then a coat … If this is not using a really good maid with no money, what is this?

She’s his wife, not his slave!

Not hearing any movements from her, Mu Tianye raised his face from the computer screen and his gaze fell majestically on Ning Xiaofei’s face.

“I said, coat!”

“Oh, the coat right, coming right away!”

Meeting the man’s eyes, Ning Xiaofei’s heart tightened. She turned quickly and walked downstairs then ran to the hall to fetch him his coat hanging on the coat hanger.


She turned to go, but something was brought down from the suit in her hand and landed on the rug in the hall. Xiaofei turned her face to see a beautiful gift box lying on the ground, one side of which had been turned over to reveal a corner of the bouquet of roses inside.

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