Chapter 22: The Great Aunt Chanel.

Taking a sanitary napkin out of the drawer, Xiaofei quickly swept over the things on the drawer.

Shampoo, conditioner, face wash… and when her eyes fell on the Chanel lipstick, her eyes immediately brightened.

This lipstick was her birthday present from Ye Qiao. Ye Qiao used to make fun of it saying that it was the most popular “Red Aunt ” color. She didn’t know how to make up so on weekends, it was basically useless.

It just came in handy now.

Opening the lipstick lid, Ning Xiaofei carefully wiped the lipstick over the sanitary napkin, sure enough, the color was really quite similar. There also was a faint sweetness in the air.

Having taken the lipstick and dabbed it carefully, she looked at the light and nodded in satisfaction.

She didn’t believe Mu Tianye would still “Battle with her blood.”

However, this product wasn’t harmful or would cause her any inflammation…..

It would be better to be inflamed than strangled by him!

Thinking up to this point, Ning Xiaofei quickly put away her lipstick, glued the sanitary napkin to her clothes, and rushed over, wiping a little water on her head to make the appearance of having just taken a bath.

Making a face at the mirror, she put away her smile, put on a grimace, and went over to unlock the bathroom door, peeking out her tiny head and glancing around.

On the bed, Mu Tianye was leaning on the headboard and when he saw her come out, he raised his head and drank up all the wine in the glass.

“Come here!”

Be sure to keep it steady and never let him see the flaw.

Remindin herself inwardly, Ning Xiaofei advanced to bed.

“Husband, I’m so sorry. I… ah…”

In the middle of her speech, Tianye stretched out his hand and pulled her to the bed. Then the figure of the man came down heavily.

The man’s breath was close, with a somewhat refreshing smell of mint, and a touch of wine, Ning Xiaofei has not yet reacted when her lips were blocked.

In her mouth, the taste of wine was instantly overflowing.

The aroma of fine red wine glided through her taste buds, with a mesmerizing taste…

It was comparable to when he kissed her last night.

Breathless and with his heartbeat galloping, he couldn’t help but aggravate the kiss. His nerves that had been turbulent burned up in an instant. Supporting himself up on the bed with one hand, Mu Tianye got up and bowed, one palm stretching out to her hem.

Feeling the man’s burning fingertips grazing her skin, her hair instantaneously stood vertical. Her short-circuited brain recovered its senses. She reached out to catch his palm without delay and avoided his kiss.

“Old… Husband, tonight… We really can’t!”

Panting and raising his face, Mu Tianye glared and met her eyes.

She dared to say, no?!

“No… not that I do not want to, It is… wrong timing, I… my Great Aunt came.” Ning Xiaofei pretended to look helpless, “Husband, you rarely come back from your trip. Of course, I would like to be intimate with you, but….. it’s really a coincidence. If you do not believe it……… You can look. If I lied to you…… I am a piggy!”

In any case, she was already a pig. When she returned to being a piglet, she’d be a piglet.

Seeing the man’s face as gloomy as the cold winter, Ning Xiaofei gritted her teeth and added another sentence.

“Husband, if you don’t dislike me, then we… just have a bloody fight, I… I will do anything for you!”

With her eyes closed, she laid straight back to bed and acted as if she’s ready for whatever he does.

The little girl in front of his eyes was half-covered with her clothes. Her long hair which was semi-wet was scattered on the dark gray sheets making her skin appear more white and tender. The side of her clothes were rolled up revealing a slender waist and with that posture, she was incomparably sultry…

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