Chapter 90 & 91

Chapter 90: The Crown prince elects the imperial concubine

There was a strong aura surrounding him as he stood glowing behind him in a halo, dazzling the entire office whose eyes were uncontrollably absorbed in his presence.

Fang Chixia who wasn’t gone out yet stiffened. She slightly peeked behind the files she used to block her face and carefully glanced in his direction. At the sight of his cold eyes, her heart “slammed”, she speedily covered her face again.

She was a little nervous. He was standing not far away and she didn’t even know where to hide for the moment.

When panic was overwhelming her, Luo Yibei just looked around the room and went straight to Shi Jinyang’s office.

Shi Jinyang obviously didn’t expect him to be there early in the morning. His eyes stared strangely at him for a while, looking like he has seen a rare monster.

“What kind of wind is blowing today?” Pretending to look out of the window then from the ceiling to the floor, he taunted disingenuously, “So early? Did you come over to inspect?”

He was really joking when he said it. He probably didn’t know that he has actually hit the mark with his words.

Luo Yibei walked in without any expression. He didn’t reveal anything. Instead, he reluctantly moved towards the sofa and sat.   Casting a sideway glance at the door, “Are you not going to ask your assistant to come in for reception?”

The few words made the corners of Shi Jinyang’s eyes twitch. He gave him a sidelong glance and unceremoniously ridiculed, “Are you still a guest?”

“Why am I not a guest?” Luo Yibei snorted. Unemotionally, he barked once more, “Assistant!”

Shi Jinyang looked at him quietly and felt that he was acting strange today.

However, he didn’t think too much of it.

It wasn’t a day or two that Luo Yibei’s character was elusive.

Picking up the phone, he wanted to request Fang Chixia to come in, but when he turned his head to the door, he found her seat suddenly empty.

Shi Jinyang felt helpless so he called another assistant.

He called a senior assistant from the group he has, a woman in her twenties. Her face was very beautiful but her stature was a bit bloated.

Upon hearing that she was to receive Luo Yibei, her smile blossomed. As she entered, she kept twisting her unnoticeable waist with two small pink blush on her cheeks.

“What does Luo Shao want to drink? I’ll help you brew it!” The woman’s face was extremely beautiful. Obviously, her self-confidence was also high. When she spoke, her eyes would cast a shy glance at him charmingly and sparks were frequently discharged in his direction.

Looking at this, Shi Jinyang was a little dumbfounded and the corner of his lips quirked up.

Luo Yibei kept a cold demeanor from start to finish. He didn’t even look at the woman and his eyes directly flew to Shi Jinyang. Regardless of the woman’s presence, he sneered sarcastically, “Shi Jinyang, did you send someone to be funny?”

The woman looked at him innocently, not understanding what she had done wrong.

“Get the hell out of here in three seconds!” Still not looking at her,  Luo Yibei coldly commanded.

“Yes, yes!” The smile on the woman’s face froze. With her face red, she lowered her head and ran out in panic.

“Next.” Luo Yibei maintained his expressionless visage and opened his mouth again.

Shi Jinyang glanced at his face and looked at the emperor as he sat waiting for someone to wait on him, and his face slightly distorted.

Is he here to elect the imperial concubine or a receptionist?

“The next one!” Luo Yibei fixed his bow tie and seemed to have no intention of stopping.

Shi Jinyang was helpless and continued to call assistants.



Chapter 91: Settle accounts with her after autumn

So, after the phone call, the next half of the hour was spent with assistants coming in one after the other parading in a scene similar to when selecting an imperial concubine.

It’s just that, generally, they didn’t stay for three minutes and all were thrown out.

Shi Jinyang’s assistants were quite many, including Fang Chixia, there were 10 altogether.

Except for the hides of the person whose shadow has not been found, all have come in consecutively. However, the prince who was sitting on the sofa has not been served well.

Shi Jinyang was particularly patient today and called all the people to the end. Looking at his foul complexion, he leisurely offered, “Need I call the Imperial city to help you call a few more?”

The Imperial City was a famous club in C city. It has everything from drinks to accompaniment.

Luo Yibei’s vision swept into his face and arrogantly returned, “Scram!”

When did he ever look for a lady?

“I say, what are you so picky about making tea? Is it the tea or the server that you will swallow in your stomach?” Shi Jinyang couldn’t help but spit out.

Luo Yibei’s eyes slightly narrowed and after he said so, the corner of his lips curved up in a smile.

He does really want to swallow someone!

Shi Jinyang watched his reaction and his eyes sank.

What’s with that look?

“Alright, I just came over for a sit. Since you are busy, let’s have a chat next time.” Luo Yibei took care of his neckline, dropped his sentence, stood up and casually walked out of the door.

His words were light as breeze and still kept a relaxed pace as if he has not caused a big sensation in the entire office.

Shi Jinyang’s gaze stayed on his back until he disappeared. His eyes grew darker when he saw Fang Chixia’s seat still empty.

Although Luo Yibei has not always been good to serve, he wouldn’t wreak havoc without any reason. As they have been friends for many years, Shi Jinyang was very clear about his character.

What was today all about?

For this period of time, Fang Chixia has been turning around in the pantry. When she saw a person coming in, she asked if Luo Yibei has left.

It was hard to get news that he had left at last and by the time she went out, it had been over forty minutes.

Going back to her office seat, Shi Jinyang happened to be standing there leaning against the table and watching her, as if he has been waiting for her.

“What’s the matter? Is there anything on my face?” Fang CHixia was uncomfortable with his gaze and touched her face.

“No, I just wanted to ask you about the Italy thing.” Shi Jinyang smiled lightly.

“Can I think about that over again?” Such a rare opportunity, Fang Chixia didn’t want to refuse. But considering Luo Yibei, she hesitated.

“En, okay, there’s  nothing else. I’ll go in first.” SHi Jinyang didn’t say more and turned to his office.

After the noise from Luo Yibei’s sudden appearance, Fang Chixia sat down absent-mindedly all day.

She has no idea why he would suddenly come. Was it pure coincidence? Or did he know something?

Confused at heart, Fang Chixia still couldn’t figure it out after thinking back through.

When she returned to their home, Luo Yibei wasn’t there.

Fang Chixia didn’t wait for him. After dinner, she played with the cat he gave her to play for a while then went into the room to sleep first.

Halfway through her sleep, the door was opened followed by the sinking of the other end of the bed. By the time she opened her eyes, the figure has already covered her in the darkness.

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  1. Thanks for the regular double chapters! I’ve re-read from Chapter 1 since this morning… Still enjoyable 😊. Hopefully we finish this joyful ride together. 😍


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