Chapter 80 & 81

Chapter 80: The fourth option, I’ve chosen for you.

Fang Chixia wasn’t aware of it yet.

Not only did she remain silent  without saying a word to him, even after returning home, she did her own thing.

She entered the bathroom and after washing, changed into her nightgown and went directly to bed treating him like he was not there.

Luo Yibei had the feeling that he was regarded as air.

The more she did so, the more he wanted change his method of tossing her!

As she lifted the sheets ready for bed, he clasped her wrists and took her to the bathroom.

“Luo Yibei, what are you doing? I’ve already washed!” Finally, the woman who had been silent all night opened her mouth.

“Help!” Luo Yibei gave her the eye, faintly threw her a word and  in her wide eyes, dragged her into the room.

Fang Chixia followed him stiffly with some doubt if she had heard correctly.

Help him with this kind of matter?

“I don’t want to. Can’t you do it yourself?” She stood still at the door and refused.

“Isn’t it normal for couples to help each other?” Luo Yibei raised an eyebrow and asked leisurely back.

Fang Chixia was stumped for words and unexpectedly, didn’t know how to answer.

Help each other….

Is this how this word is used?

Luo Yibei took off his clothes before her as if he had not seen her slightly distorted expression.

He undressed in a disheveled manner, with every move oozing with bone seeping sensuality. He was quite unabashed and shed off everything in front of her even turning his body in front of her.

In fact, if the two people turn off the lights every night, Fang Chixia wouldn’t feel anything.

However, if one person was dressed neatly and the other was so red/ bare/naked, she was still very embarrassed.

After all, lights on and lights off gave off different kinds of feeling.

Luo Yibei has seen through her embarrassment, looked at her and leisurely uttered out, “Do you want me to turn off the light?”

Fang Chixia was silenced by him and lost her voice for quite a while.

Luo Yibei leaned lazily into the bathtub, glanced at her face, and light as a breeze, a sentence floated out again, “Either stand out and help me wash, or come in together, or shall we continue with the routine? Choose!”

“You…” Fang Chixia flushed and gritted her teeth.

“I’m waiting for your answer!” Luo Yibei looked at her flawlessly, eyebrows lightly raised.

Fang Chixia glared at him in resentment then reluctantly squatted down next to him.

They’ve done everything so helping him bathe was actually nothing.

To live together for four years, for such a long time, such thing can be avoided once but it would be impossible to avoid later.

Fang Chixia comforted herself and took a towel to help him clean up.

Come what may, this was better than being tossed around by him all night.

That was what she was thinking, who knew, she just made a move, but her wrists were held back by Luo Yibei, and then, just a little bit —

Fang Chixia lost balance and stumbled into his arms.

“Luo Yibei, you renege on your promise!” Fang Chixia angrily looked up at him, her eyes spitting out sparks of anger.

With one arm around her waist, Luo Yibei flipped her under his body. His handsome face inclined towards her, and added a note to her ears, “There is another option which I forgot to mention, that you come in and we wash up. To solve the matter, I chose for you.”

Fang Chixia, “…”


Chapter 81: Defeated once again

After saying so, he didn’t wait for Fang Chixia to react and directly began to do whatever he wanted.

Fang Chixia was tossed once again!

When the bathroom finally calmed down after a long time, she was shaking with rage.

Too shameless!  This is outrageous!

Fang Chixia’s bones were almost falling apart and her teeth were broken.

However, the next day, she still had to go to Rongxi before Luo Yibei so she still bit the bullet up early in the morning.

In retaliation for her bad night, she only made her share of breakfast.

She left a note and the exact words were:  I’ve already had breakfast. I’ve eaten for you.

A very simple sentence. The handwriting was also clear and beautiful and the tone was what he used when he tossed her last night.

Putting the note on the empty table, she took the potted plant to hold it, turned and left.

When Luo Yibei went downstairs, it was half an hour later. He glanced at the table and caught sight of the striking note.

He took a few steps over, looked at the words on the note she left. He wasn’t angry but the corners of his eyes twitched a bit.


It was another working day.

When Fang Chixia arrived at the company, she happened to run into Shi Jinyang.

It was a secret that she works here, no one knew.

Considering the friendship between Shi Jinyang and Luo Yibei, when she saw him, she felt very uneasy and tried very hard to sound him out, “Do we usually have a lot of guests here? Like the one yesterday!”

What she wanted to ask was if Luo Yibei sometimes come and sit idle, as Shi Luo had done yesterday.

Shi Jinyang didn’t recognize the superfluous meaning of her words only that she was harassed by Shi Luo yesterday. He glanced at her and said, “Rest assured, there is a special reception room on this floor. As for the kid yesterday, don’t treat him as a man.”

There was not much difference between Shi Luo and Fang Chixia’s age and he wasn’t really a man. At most, he could only be a boy.

Fang Chixia was sympathetic to him. She sighed and felt relieved.

As long as it was not Luo Yibei, others didn’t matter.

It’s true that Luo Yibei has been there before, but not very often.

The next day, it was still peaceful.

Fang Chixia’s work ended early today. She estimated that Luo Yibei left at 5:30 so she took the 5:00 bus early back.

When she got home to prepare dinner, she suddenly remembered what Luo Yibei said yesterday.

He said that Grandpa Luo enjoyed drinking the fruit tea she had boiled yesterday.

Fang Chixia wasn’t a nosy person, but after hearing Luo Enqi’s voice at the scene yesterday, her kindness began began to cause trouble.

 Thinking about it, she boiled a pot of tea. It was not much trouble, then she prepared dinner smoothly.

When Luo Yibei returned, she the scene of her wandering around the counter.

She was brewing flowers but he didn’t know what flowers. After soaking, ripples of water bubbled on the surface. It was much more presentable than the dishes she makes.

“What’s this?” Luo Yibei asked casually, taking a few paces into the room, staring at her busy back.

“Luoshen tea, you should still go to see your grandpa later, right? Didn’t you say that he likes drinking this? I boiled it for you along the way. By the way, drinking this in a long-term should have an auxiliary therapeutic effect on his condition.” Fang Chixia didn’t look at him but continued to be busy.

Luo Yibei was slightly startled. He didn’t expect she could understands so much.

“How do you know all this?” he asked, stopping by her side.

Fang Chixia’s spine stiffened and her movement obviously paused for a while.

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