Chapter 78 & 79

Chapter 78: This is bribery

While musing, Luo Yibei’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

Glancing caller’s ID displayed on the screen, he answered it.

The call was from Sha Zhixing. Her opening words were, “Come back tonight. Your grandpa is now at the hospital now!”

“Okay, I know.” With a dinner not yet finished, Luo Yibei stood up and went to the entrance.

Fang Chixia didn’t expect such a coincidence and sighed.

Looking at him changing his shoes, she asked knowingly, “Going out?”

She was glad to hear that he was going out and the expression on her face was noticeably jovial.

This kind of woman, Luo Yibei has never seen. Was she happy to know that he was leaving?

Peering at her shoes next to his eyes, he motioned, “Put it on, together!”

Startled, Fang Chixia whose nerves has just relaxed tensed up again.

He just couldn’t see her any better, could he?

“I’m waiting for you.” Luo Yibei urged.

Fang Chixia felt helpless. Although reluctant, she still walked towards him.

The two changed their shoes, went out, then hurried to the hospital.

Luo Enqi’s body didn’t have much problem, just a little case of high blood pressure. This time, he was hospitalized because of angina.

When the two arrived at the hospital, Luo Yibei has some concerns so he left Fang Chixia and went straight in.

Fang Chixia stopped outside the door when he went in and didn’t follow him.

She didn’t want to go in and with her identity, it was inconvenient to go in.

She stood close to the room so she could clearly hear the conversation inside. Luo Yibei and Sha Zhixing asked Luo Enqi’s condition and a coughing sound would come from the room from time to time.

The old man seemed to have some colds. His voice sounded particularly uncomfortable as if he could cough up his heart and lungs.

Fang Chixia didn’t know when Luo Yibei would come out and stood silly outside the door. Just out of a little bit of kindness, while waiting for Luo Yibei, she left the hospital for a while.

When she got back, she bought some things. She asked the nurses at the nursing station where families could cook and went in to make a big pot of beautifully colored tea.

When she came back to the ward with it, Luo Yibei just happened to have stepped out and seemed to be looking for her.

“Here, This is for you!” She handed him what she had in her hand.

“What’s this?” Luo Yibei looked at it and frowned.

“It might help with your grandpa’s condition,” Fang Chixia explained.

Luo Yibei froze. He stared at her thinking back of her words before their marriage. He said sarcastically, “What? Learning how to bribe people now?”

Fang Chixia did it just out of kindness at the outset and didn’t expect to receive such words from him.

The expression on her face froze stiff, but she didn’t blame him.

“You’re right. I cared too much. There won’t be a next time. Dump it!” Grabbing the big pot of tea, she went to directly dump it.

However, she was stopped by Luo Yibei.

“It’s already been boiled. I’ll take the difficult task to accept it for grandpa.” He lightly said the words, took the things in her hands, turned and went into the ward.

Fang Chixia boiled Luoshen tea. Luoshen flower with grapefruit was good for blood pressure and cough.

Luo Yibei went in and when he came out again, it was hours later.

Fang Chixia was almost asleep waiting in the hallway outside the ward.

Luo Yibei glanced at her and uttered something surprisingly, “Grandpa likes it very much and says he wants to drink it everyday.”

Fang Chixia, “…”



Chapter 79: Showing off cleverness is a kingly way

“Just give me a second, we will go home in 10 minutes.” Luo Yibei didn’t say much. He left a confused Fang Chixia and turned back to the ward.

The figure had just disappeared and yet another small figure came out.

At the sight of her, little Xiao Zuo exclaimed, “Hey? Why is this woman here?”

His voice was very loud. There was some surprise in his voice as well as some joy.

“Call me elder sister!” Fang Chixia corrected his phrasing. She looked sideways at the ward where someone could walk out at any moment and made a hushing gesture at him.

Little Zuo acted like he didn’t see it. He went towards and then in a very domineering tone, demanded, “You still owe me a name! Grandpa said, I can’t let myself suffer, you know mine!”

The child’s voice was a bit sharp, his volume wasn’t low, Fang Chixia was anxious and  rushed to cover his mouth.

“Are you nervous?” Little Zuo smiled at her knowingly. “What are you worried about?”

“Don’t talk!” Fang Chixia crouched down and pulled him into her arms, waving her hands at him constantly.

Xiao Zuo swept her hands away in disdain and smiled. He gave her a crooked smile, “Are you afraid of being found out by the people in the room?”

This little devil!

Fang Chixia was a little speechless to him, but, she has to admire his ability to observe.

This child is very clever!

“Let me guess why?” Pensively thinking about it for a while, pretending to find it incomprehensible, “Ah, Shouldn’t the woman next to Yibei brother, at this time, seize the opportunity to go inside to show off her goodness?”

After saying these words, like and adult, he supplied her with some ideas, “Doing this is not good.” he said. You can’t win my brother’s heart like this. At a time like this, you should go in there like any other woman and seize the opportunity to please the family. If you win the family over, you’ve won half the battle, don’t you know?”

“Who taught you that? Kids should stay out of the affairs of grown-ups” Fang Chixia knocked him on the head and tried to push him into the room. But then, there came another voice inside, “Little Zuo, are you talking to me?”

A very low tenor, it seems the person will come out in the next second.

Fang Chixia’s face paled, almost reflexively, loosened the little devil to hide into the next corner.

The figure had just disappeared and the person who had just spoken came right out of the room.

Luo Xichen looked at the hallway where there was no extra person in his eyes. His eyes turned to the little Zuo, “Who were you chatting with?”

The Little Zuo looked over at him and smiled, like an adult he returned, “acquaintance.”

“Do you still have acquaintances?” The corner of Luo Xichen’s eyes twitched and a look of disdain filled his eyes.

“Of course!” Little Zuo lifted his chin up and smugly followed  him out of the room.

Luo Yibei, who was just listening to the conversation of the two, turned his head and stared at the door and walked out a few steps.

Looking at the empty hallway, he walked forward to the corner where Fang Chixia was and pulled her out.

“Don’t you want to go in?” Although he was just being sarcastic, at the sight of her with not even a touch of intention of going in , it made his heart uncomfortable and conflicted.

“Aren’t we going back? She asked. “Can we go now?” Fang Chixia didn’t want to argue with him about this and went downstairs ahead of him.

She didn’t talk to him the whole way back.

What Luo Yibei could not bear most was her indifference. As soon as she acted indifferent, the evil in him began to wave its head.

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  1. “As soon as she acted indifferent, the evil in him began to wave its head.”

    Well, that’s a different way to refer to his carnal urges. LOL

    Thanks for the chapter.


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