Chapter 15: Basically decorations.

“Sister!” The little girl smiled, ” You see, we are only just a small business, things aren’t easy. Don’t be too hard on us. Do not… you just want to see yesterday’s 609 guests, I…. I’ll check it out for you, wait.”

With that, she went back to operate the computer. Ning Xiaofei immediately went up on her feet on the front desk, looking at the computer screen.

Moments later, the hotel’s girl has pulled out yesterday’s registration form.

“609, here it is!” “

Ning Xiaofei immediately looked over and saw only the name of the registrant, Zhou Tao, written on the screen, followed by his ID card number.

She pulled out a pen and a paper and diligently wrote down the name and ID number.

The little girl looked at her as she finished writing, and immediately opened her mouth, “Sister, do you… are you going to delete this photo now?”

Ning Xiaofei closed the small notepad, “The surveillance video, also pull it up for me to see.”

The little girl smiled, “Elder sister, this really can’t do!”

“Why not, not afraid that I’ll expose you?” “

The little girl turned pale, “No, sister, it’s not that I don’t want to show you. It’s us. We simply do not have. These cameras are basically just decorations!”

Originally, in order to save money, the monitoring system was installed in the hotel. To avoid more expenses, it was not equipped with a large capacity of storage equipment, only for practice monitoring. With this, there was no surveillance video.

Ning Xiaofei had no choice but to delete the photo, waved goodbye to the little girl and left the hotel.

Outside the door, early evening lights have already been lit. She lifted her head up to have a look at the somewhat cloudy sky, her face appeared exhausted.

This city is so big. Armed only with a name and an ID card number in an attempt to find a person you don’t know, how easy was that?

If she couldn’t get the surveillance footage, she could take her chances at nearby bars with similar appearances.

She indeed has a press card and could also make up an excuse and try her luck at the Public Security Bureau. She was now nothing but a television intern, this work card was just to frighten and fool the hotel, especially for girls at the front desk who has just started working.

Now there’s only one name and one ID, it was almost impossible to find someone you don’t know.

Walking into the subway station, surrounded by a crowded flow of people, everyone was in a hurry, but Ning Xiaofei just felt lonely. If she really died of illness, in this world, she’s afraid that not even one person would cry for her.

Feeling depressed, she felt too lazy to go back to an empty gorgeous big house, that didn’t have the least bit human spirit. How could it be called home?



The Mu’s towering building, like a treasured sword which has pierced the earth, stood still in the middle of skyscrapers, standing still like a flock of birds.

As a landmark building in A City, the building has not only height, but also represented a kind of strength.

At this moment, at the tallest building in city A, the owner of the building, Mu Tianye, was frowning and flipping through a report in his hand.

His brow furrowed with each turn of the page.

Looking at his increasingly somber expression, the project leader standing at the desk was already full of sweat, but did not dare wipe them and could only waited nervously.

Seeing the second-to-the-last page, Mu Tianye raised his hand and slammed the report onto the face of the new project leader standing in front of him.

“5% profit? I might as well put my money in the bank!”

The person in charge bent over to pick up the report on the ground, “Chief Mu, this time our profit is a little lower, but …”

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