EP – Chapter 14: Your circle is really messy

But then her cursing and scolding gave birth to a chill.

By the way, the one she met was not actually sick, right?!

That pervert certainly wouldn’t do any safety measures, in case he really has a disease, then…

Thinking of this possibility, where would Ning Xiaofei still be in the mood for a bath. She immediately climbed out of the bathtub in a panic, quickly wrapped a bath towel around her, ran to find a thermometer and clipped it in her armpit. Anxiously waiting for a few minutes, she removed the thermometer, saw the temperature shown above and nearly threw the thermometer on the floor.

“3… 37 degrees?!”


If she was not mistaken, a low fever was an early symptom of AIDS.

Looking at the number in the thermometer, Ning Xiaofei really wanted to cry without tears. She just really wanted give herself a slap. She hurriedly put on a set of clothes on her body, grabbed her schoolbag and bolted out of the community to the nearest hospital.






“AIDS?” When the doctor heard the word, he immediately raised his face and looked at Ning Xiaofei up and down. “What do you do for a job?”

“I work in a TV station. “

“Your circle is really messy. ” The doctor shook his head. ” When did the relationship occur?”

“Last night.”

The doctor raised his arm. “Then go back first and come back in two weeks.”


This was a matter of life and death, the attitude of the other side was too sloppy, right?

“The disease has an incubation period, usually two to six weeks, and it is not detectable even when infected.”

“That is to say, I should not have symptoms now?”

The doctor nodded.

“Even if you have the disease, it couldn’t be found out?”

The doctor nodded again.

“Then I … I could only wait to die? “

Looking at the pale small face of Ning Xiaofei, the doctor’s heart finally gave birth to some sympathy.

“Of course, it’s not completely out of the question, you can find a way to have your sexual partner come over and check. If he doesn’t have AIDS, you naturally won’t be infected.”

Listening her say that there are other ways, it raised her hopes up but as soon as she heard the latter words, the hope was totally wiped out.

She was so drunk last night that she couldn’t remember what the guy looked like, much less know his name and contact information, and how could she still find that pervert.

Helpless, she had to embrace the idea of trying to get to the hotel. As a result of wearing and tearing her mouth using all kinds of ways to soften the bubble… the little girl at the front desk just smiled in response.

“Sorry, we have to protect our clients’ security”

Ning Xiaofei has experienced another setback so she turned around reluctantly. She reached the door then bent back. She took out her phone from her bag, posed as a model to take a few photos, raised her chin and returned to the front desk. From her bag, she pulled out her work permit at the TV station and dangled it in front of the girl.

“Look carefully. I’m a reporter of A city Satellite TV. I’ve just checked carefully, your fire equipment is obviously not up to the standard, and if I poke it out, believe me, your hotel will have to close tomorrow for good. And when your manager will check it up, you won’t be able to eat.”

She squeezed her documents in a flash and the little girl only managed to see her work permit on television and the words journalist and so on. Where would she have known that she was only an intern, she only paid attention on the words that she really was a reporter, her eyebrows immediately wrinkled.

“This… we are all up to standard, there are smoke detectors in the hotel, and in the hallway…”

Ning Xiaofei came up and patted the fire box on the table. She deliberately said in an exaggerated tone: “This shell here has fallen, and the fire extinguishers are rotten like this, you still call this up to standard?”

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