Chapter 10: It hurts!

She originally wanted to say, “I will go back in a while.” but the thought has just formed when Mu Tianye ordered high-handedly.

“Come with me.”

The man’s voice wasn’t loud but its majesty couldn’t be refused. Feeling the man’s strength on the grip on her wrist, Xiaofei did not dare refute.

Who haven’t heard of his nickname, “Mu Yanwang”. In the business world, those who provoked him only ended up dead. In case he turned on the spot, her fox exploiting the tiger would be exposed at once. Later, the Ji’s bullying would intensify and they’ll respect her even less.

“Grandpa, I’m leaving with Tianye.”

Ning Xiaofei waved at her grandfather and followed Mu Tianye’s exit. Recalling her bag, she stopped on her tracks. Feeling her pause, Mu Tianye turned his face unpleasantly.

Swept away by his eyes, her spine suddenly turned cold. She smiled briskly.

“I forgot my bag.”

“Help her with it!”

Mu Tianye didn’t turn his head but raised his left hand. Assistant Zhou immediately trotted back and helped Ning Xiaofei take her bag. He continued forward, pulling her stride towards the exit.

The man’s strides were long so Ning Xiaofei could only scamper chasing him in annoyance along the way.

Her hairy crabs, the meat has flown out of her mouth just like that. And what’s more, there was more than half of it, really a waste of money.

Her uncle’s family had treated her badly before, but there was still an old man watching, who, despite all the deductions, would give her some pocket money. Since her marriage, her aunt refused to give her pocket money on the pretext that she was no longer a family member.

Although she was given a large villa to live in, no support for family costs were given. She was just a TV intern now and that meager internship fee was better than nothing. So, she basically has no income and these months, she was just resting completely on her own laurels.

For her to live in the future, she only has to save. She had meals in the school cafeteria and ate instant noodles at home. Not to mention the hairy crabs, even the taste and smell of meat were almost forgotten.

Dragged into the elevator by Mu Tianye, she immediately raised her hand to take the crab leg she was holding to her mouth. At least one of the crab legs will relieve the urgent need in her stomach.

As soon as her arm was in the air, her wrist was caught by an iron-clamp arm, and the leg of the crab at the mouth went away from her again.

“You!” She instinctively wanted to get angry but aware of who the man in front of her was, she busily swallowed the words back to her throat, then softly called out like a spoiled brat, “Husband, it hurts!”

On hearing her say “it hurts”, Mu Tianye’s eyes flashed once more thinking back at the way he had laid her on the bed. He glanced over her chest which was undulating from her trot and moved up to her little face.

He lifted his hand and pinched her chin then gave an overbearing order.

“Open your mouth!”

The man’s voice carries a power that renders one submissive to his greatness. Ning Xiaofei instinctively opened her mouth and looked at him in dismay. The man’s handsome face has been magnified blotting out the light in front of her and then, a kiss that was so overwhelming almost suffocated her.

He indiscriminately kissed her lips like a farmer patrolling his territory, and like a sommelier tasting wine, meticulously sparing her of any softness.

She only had time to drink the juice from the glass, and her tongue tasted of ripe fruit, fresh and sweet, tempting the taste buds of the taster.



Opening a little theater, the little train is on, the whistle of the flute, whooo whooo ———

Reporter: Mr. Mu, what is your favorite thing to do besides work?

Mu Tianye: Indulging in fantasy

Ning Xiaofei: Mu Tianye, you are a stinky rascal!

Gōngzǐ Rú Xuě: Since then, all the idioms have a new meaning.

Crowds of onlookers: Once in the pit, integrity is a passers-by.

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