EP – Chapter 9: Greasy and sweetly acting like a spoiled brat

The shrimp had just been delivered to her mouth, and has not reached Ning Xiaofei’s  teeth yet, then heard this word.

Can’t he eat without his own hands?

She secretly gritted her teeth, but she smiled sweeter than the flowers. She quickly bit the shrimp in half. She raised her hand and sent the remaining half to his mouth.

“That … It’s all yours! “

Mu Tianye blinked his eyes and opened his mouth to catch the half shrimp. His teeth took advantage to nip and bit her finger.

Stinky girl, dare play tricks on him?


Ning Xiaofei suck in cold air when she was nipped by him. Her eyes landed on several people on the opposite side and hurriedly fixed her expression. She drew her fingers back from his mouth.

“Uncle and aunt are here, why are you so annoying ah?!”

She was greasy and sweetly acted like a spoiled brat, not letting go of every opportunity to show love in front of Ji Jing and the others.

Everyone knew that her finger has been bitten upon seeing the tooth print. The two were clearly flirting. It’s just that listening to Ning Xiaofei’s delicate squeamish tone, the mouth of the three Ji’s couldn’t help but spit blood in enmity.

“Cough!” Ji Zichuan gently coughed. ” Master Mu, I heard you recently purchased a piece of land. You see, the Ji side can help you share a bit? “

“Yes!” Bai Qiuling also opened her mouth in flattery. “Anyway, we are now family. Ji’s side will certainly do his best.”

“Uncle, auntie!” Ning Xiaofei immediately made a stand, “What business talk on the dinner table ah, our Tianye has not eaten yet!”

“Xiaofei said it.” Ji Jing helped Mu Tianye clip a crab. “This is a hairy crab just airlifted from Yangcheng Lake. Try to taste if its appetizing.”

“Yes, yes, you try!” The couple also immediately echoed.

“Here, I’ll help my husband peel!”

Ning Xiaofei put out a hand to meet the crab. Ji Jing’s heart, she naturally knew.


Want to rob her man, don’t think about it!

When Ning Xiaofei was halfway through the cutting, Ji Jing’s chest rose up and down quietly but her face kept a smile. “I saw your previous exhibition in France, your work is really magnificent.”

“Of course, our family’s Tianye is a literary talent. He’s proficient in everything.” Ning Xiaofei snatched the thread of conversation once more. Exhausted of peeling the crab meat, she delivered it to Mu Tianye’s mouth, “Husband, you’ve been busy working hard recently. Eat crab meat and make up for it!”

“Master Mu.” Assistant Zhou came over. “It’s time to go, there will be a meeting in the afternoon.”

“Really, look at my memory!” Ning Xiaofei instantly loosened Mu Tianye’s arm. “How could I forget such an important matter, husband, work is important. You should hurry!”

Mu Tianye got up, “Mr. Ji, I’ll go first.”

The old man nodded, “Ah, Zichuan, send Tianye out.”

Ji Zichuan and others also followed him to his feet while Ning Xiaofei grabbed a glass to drink a sip of juice. She immediately pinched the crab leg on her plate. Now that she doesn’t have to serve the lord, she can let loose of her appetite. Everyone has now witnessed her “Can’t get enough love” with Mu Tianye, see if they would still dare bully her.

Seeing Ning Xiaofei still sitting on the chair, Mu Tianye’s pupils narrowed immediately.

Dead girl, after borrowing so much prestige from him, burning bridges after crossing the river and putting him behind her mind so quickly, hmm?

Ning Xiaofei has just pinched the leg of the crab and has not sent to it to her mouth but a palm has been stretched out to catch her wrist like an iron clamp, dragging her from the chair. Turning her face to see Mu Tianye, she hurriedly gifted him a flattering smile.

“Husband, you’re busy, don’t mind me, for a while, I’ll… “



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