Chapter 66: Entering Rongxi

Fang Chixia was afraid of bumping into Luo Yibei.

If ever she did get in this time, so long as they did not run upon each other, she wasn’t ready to confess to him.

That person stared at her and said, “Rongxi is very strict in selecting each newcomer. We have a special person in charge of this aspect. Generally, they are the directors of various departments, but it is also possible that they would add the Madam, a second master, Rong Shao, the grandfather, the Luo’s together, right, and young master Shi Jinyang…..

She counted a lot of names on  herfingers and when Fang Chixia heard them, she almost fled.

“Luo Yibei, no, Lu Shao may also come?” She restrained the restlessness in her heart and asked implausibly.

“The whole family is likely to come, but it depends on who has time,” explained the receptionist in detail before she turned away.

Fang Chixia was left alone in the room for a while.

Fang Chixia majored in French, known as the world’s most elegant language, and minored in several other languages.

She has a good command of many languages, but the position she was applying for was an assistant, which has little to do with her major.

After waiting inside for about ten minutes, a tall shadow passed by outside the door.

As he passed the door of the room, he casually took a glance inside.

The first glimpse of her did not attract much of his attention, but, after a few seconds of staring at her side profile, the footsteps stopped outside.

Pushing the door open, the man went in.

Fang Chixia’s head suddenly lifted up. Seeing the face of the man who came in, her eyes stilled.

In came a very handsome man, his slender body was dressed in Gucci men’s clothing which set off his slim silhouette. He has deep facial features, an aquiline nose, slightly rolled up cuffs, and a diamond button that exudes low-key luxury.

Slowly, the man entered the room and sat down at the center of the front. His eyes turned to look at her face and asked in a faint voice, “Newcomer?”

“Yes, sir!” Fang Chixia regained her senses and answered him politely.

“CV!” The person spat out the words but his wording was very concise.

Fang Chixia handed him her resume.

“Still a student?” The man looked at her resume and paused at her age for several seconds, as if by accident.

“Yes.” Fang Chixia didn’t know his identity and was cautious.

“Majored in French, proficient in many other foreign languages. Good. Rongxi lacks talent in this area. Usually, on a business trip or when holding a new jewelry release conference abroad, a person like this is needed.”

The man just browsed through her resume, put it aside and stood up, “Today’s interview is over. Miss Fang, go back and wait for notice!”

After dropping this, he turned and walked away, without any extra words.

The entire interview process took less than three minutes to finish.

In Fang Chixia’s experience, if it was stopped in such a short time, it isn’t generally promising.

Only hopeless, it doesn’t waste each other’s time.

Feeling sorry for herself, she went back feeling a little depressed.

Who knew that as soon as she got on the bus, a call from Rongxi’s personnel department came.

The voice of the person on the other end of the phone was very pleasant, “Miss Fang, congratulations on your successful interview. In a few days, please report to young master Shi Jinyang’s office!”

2 thoughts on “Chapter 66: Entering Rongxi”

    1. I don’t think so.But, he might have seen her at grandpa’s party. Could he like the face? 😄 Won’t Yibei be delighted.


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