EP – Chapter 4: Consummated the marriage?

When she picked up the phone and saw it was Ye Qiao, she was relieved.

“Xiao Qiao?”

“Ah, Xiaofei sorry. Last night, I had too much to drink and did not find you. I even went home first, are you all right?” On the phone, Ye Qiao’s voice was hoarse with hangover.

“I’m fine, I just woke up. Where are you?”

“I must be at home. I’ve got a bad headache. Since you’re all right. I’ll get some more sleep.”

“Ok, go to sleep, go to sleep.”

Ning Xiaofei was afraid the other person would ask about things last night so she speedily hang up the phone. In her heart, she decided that if Ye Qiao were to ask, even if she were to be killed, she’d never tell. She’ll just say she directly went home and slept.

Not long after the taxi drove out, her phone screamed again.

This time, it was Ji Jing, her cousin-, who called.

As soon as the call connected, Ji Jing’s ascerbic tongue lashed out, “Ning Xiaofei, where did you die, and why haven’t you come home yet? Marrying into the Mu family is great isn’t it, that we have to beg you to come?”

“I…” Ning Xiaofei was awkward at first but soon responded, “I… I’ll be right there!”


Ji Jing hung up the phone with a cold snort.

“Master, please turn around and go to Jinxiu Building…”

Today was the 70th birthday of her grandfather. There will be a banquet at Jinxiu Building in celebration at noon. She has drunk and had already put this matter behind her mind. Now, going back to take her gift was already too late. She had to rush directly to Jinxiu Building and bought a bunch of flowers in a nearby flower shop around the vicinity of the building. Finally, there was no time left.

Holding the flowers, she went in and saw the daughter of her uncle Ji Zichuan. She was only a year older than her cousin Ji Jing. She was dressed up with her several good friends waiting for the elevator.

Ning Xiaofei was having a throbbing headache and was too lazy to squabble with Ji Jing. She deliberately slowed down thinking of letting Ji Jing and the others go up first then she’d take the elevator next.

Unexpectedly, the girl standing beside Ji Jing looked back just in time to see her. She immediately stopped, “Hey, isn’t this the young lady of the Mu Family? Hurry up!”

Young lady of the Mu Family?

When the other two girls heard the title, they looked at Ji Jing doubtfully.

“Jing Jing, is your family really married to the Mu Family?” One of the girls inquired curiously.

“Hurry up, my hands are getting numb!”

The elevator girl complained in dissatisfaction. Ning Xiaofei knew she couldn’t hide but she had to trot two steps into the elevator.

Ji Jing’s eyes swept over Ning Xiaofei then immidiately snorted aloud, “What young lady. Mu Tianye doesn’t even acknowledge this marriage. Her marrying him only brought shame to the Ji Family!”

Standing in the corner of the elevator holding the bouquet, Ning Xiaofei turned her face over upon hearing Ji Jing’s statement. “Elder sister, what do you mean by this. How did I bring shame to the Ji family?’

They forced her to marry, and it was the for the Ji’s business. Why would she be shamed in the end?

Ji Jing faced her with a blank eye. “One, there was no wedding held, two, it wasn’t publicized and at the time of getting the certificate, the other person didn’t come back. Isn’t it clear that he pays you no attention? If you aren’t a disgrace then what are you? Living in a villa in widowhood, such a day has finally come for you to live!”

Her mood was originally bad so her being mean, Ning Xiaofei could still bear.

“Does my husband go home to report to you?” She deliberately raised her neck and pulled down her collar revealing the ambiguous black and blue marks on her neck.

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