Chapter 50: Broken Hearts

Luo Yibei’s gaze didn’t wander to her side. His attention stayed on the woman next to him from start to finish.

When the two people passed by a place, it was as if a powerful spotlight has shone past, so dazzling that everyone around them sadly lost color.

A perfectly matched pair illustrating a match made in heaven earned the attention of almost every guest throughout the evening.

Luo Yibei also looked at the girl with special gentleness. A kind of gentleness so different from his cold temperament, emitting a ray of sunshine sprinkling down to the world of ice and snow. It shattered the hearts of many female guests to pieces.

Fang Chixia felt completely out of place and found a corner to continue waiting for him. However, she didn’t know whether it was just a coincidence, no matter where she stood, her line of sight would always fall on Luo Yibei in the crowd.

The dinner still went on.

Finally, in the eyes of Fang Chixia, Luo Yibei ended his intimate show with the girl and turned to the old man sitting on the mahogany chair in front of the lobby.

“Don’t drink alcohol if you have a bad stomach.” Luo Yibei walked over and grabbed the wine that the old man was about to drink.

Lou Enqi glanced at him, somewhat dissatisfied with his behavior, but did not say much.

He asked a person to pass over a chair for him then asked, “What have you been doing outside these days?”

“Aren’t I in the office every day?” Luo Yibei answered offhandedly, swirling the glass of red wine in his hand with his fingertips.

Luo Enqi was blocked by him. Instead of pressing on, he changed the subject, “What happened on the photo from the last news report?”

“You have to ask Ji Ai about this.” He avoided mentioning Fang Chixia and directly pointed his spearhead to Ji Ai.

The Ji family and the Luo’s have a good relationship. What Ji Ai have done may be forgiven by the Luo family, but Fang Chixia was different.

If it was known that she was involved in this matter, it would be difficult to stop the family from thinking too much.

Luo Enqi’s face turned grave with displeasure and asked nothing more. “I won’t interfere with what you do out there, but you have to promise me one thing. Never let the Luo family lose face!”

His words were a reminder that though he didn’t say anything about the news last time, it didn’t mean he didn’t mind it.

With Luo Yibei’s identity, news of him breaking into a hotel with a woman for a night of love and so on would negatively affect the company and the family image.

Luo Yibei’s eyes rested on two figures not far away and Luo Enqi didn’t know if he heard him.

In the distance, a strange man and Fang Chixia stood together in front of the champagne tower and seemed to be chatting up.

The man’s arms stretched up to her waist. Luo Yibei didn’t know if Fang Chixia noticed it or not but for some reason, she didn’t push the man away.

“Yibei, grandpa is talking to you!” Luo Enqi didn’t get any response so he raised his voice a bit louder.

“I know. It’s getting late and I still have something to do. I won’t be staying at home tonight!” Putting the glass of wine aside, he stood up and strode towards the two figures nearby.

When he came to the two people, a pair of salted pig’s hands crept towards Fang Chixia’s waist.

Luo Yibei’s brows snapped together. He took a few steps more and without regard to the man’s identity, he grabbed his wrist and twisted it, “snap” —

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