Chapter 45: I like the piece last night.

“I will help you apply it so it will disappear quicker, hmm?” She sat down on his lap and consulted him.

Luo Yibei has been trained a lot since childhood so this little injury was actually nothing to him at all.

However, seeing how gentle she was, he nodded.

Fang Chixia took the ice pack, held it against the bruise on his forehead, and carefully applied it to him.

Her movements were very gentle. She has caused the injury so she felt a bit guilty.

Luo Yibei let her take action and quietly stared at her.

Fang Chixia’s facial features are particularly soft. Her skin is still very white. On closer look, her face seems to emit a layer of hazy halo, beautiful and somewhat dazzling.

Neither of them spoke.

The atmosphere was in silence.

However, this state had not lasted two minutes and was disrupted by Luo Yibei’s unruly hands which started to fumble at her clothes.

Fang Chixia got shocked and got down to Earth. She turned around and pushed him away in panic, barely putting a distance between them. “Aren’t you going out?”

“It’s still early!” He replied hoarsely without lifting his head at all, the tip of his nose rubbing against her.

Fang Chixia was lost for words so she remained silent for a while and just let him be.

She thought that since he would be going out today, she would be tossed one time at most and it would be over.

Obviously, she didn’t know him very well.

If they had spent more time together, she would have known how silly and naïve her thoughts were.

Luo Yibei picked her up, hugged her to the bedroom and fell on the huge bed.

Stayed closely…..

The bedroom door didn’t open for several hours.

Fang Chixia was tossed till her waist almost got broken. She fell limply on the bed and dazedly fell asleep while cursing Luo Yibei in her heart again.


When she woke up again, the sky outside had slowly darkened.

The man in the room hasn’t left yet. He was tidying up his shirt with his back to her.

He was very tall, handsome, imposing with an indescribable gracefulness in his gestures that made her feel like swooning.

If she hasn’t been tossed too hard, Fang Chixia would have enjoyed the scenery in front of her and stared at him some more.

Out of the corner of his eyes, his gaze fell on her body and he slightly turned. He looked at her face still red and spat out two words, “Wake up.”

“Why haven’t you gone out yet?” Fang Chixia sat up wrapped in a sheet.

“Change your clothes and we’ll go together.” Luo Yibei threw at her then walked slowly and aimlessly around the sofa next to her.


Fang Chixia froze for a moment.

It’s not that she doesn’t know where he’s going, but today was his grandpa’s birthday.

Bring her?

“You still have five minutes to get ready, otherwise,” looking leisurely at her face, he warned, “I’ll help you myself!”

Those insidious words made Fang Chixia quiver.

She didn’t understand the purpose of his doing so, but still, wrapped in a sheet, she got out of the bed to choose a dress.

“What’s the best thing to wear?” Her eyes swept through the rows of dresses in uncertainty.

Luo Yibei prepared too many clothes for her and she didn’t know exactly what the occasion would be tonight. She was in a tangle. Luo Yibei came leisurely from behind and playfully said, “The black one last night.”

Fang Chixia got startled at his teasing making her thoughts jumbled.

Yesterday, last night …

3 thoughts on “Chapter 45: I like the piece last night.”

  1. Thanks for the chapter. I wonder if she had time to take care of that black dress. Wasn’t it left a soggy mess? It’s bound to be wrinkled unless it was laundered.


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