Chapter 44: The third day of marriage

Luo Yibei didn’t know what time she got up this morning, but, looking at such a big overhaul in the living room, she should have been up for hours by the time he woke up.

He advanced to her side and quietly took the sight of her sleeping. His face drew closer to hers.

She slept in a quiet manner with her long eyelashes hanging gently on her cheeks and her breathing, clear and shallow.

Although the behavior of this woman is very disagreeable when awake,, at this moment, she looked very pleasing to the eye.

She reminds him of a tired child, quiet and tranquil, with her arms hugging a big cartoon character pillow.

Her facial features were really exquisite, and her face was probably not as big as his palm. Her skin was as delicate as petals soaked in milk, and her slightly parted pink lips, like magic, bewitched Luo Yibei whose lips unconsciously moved towards hers.

However, he still hasn’t kissed her, when her eyes suddenly opened.

“No, don’t come over!” She didn’t even look at him and shouted in some kind of fright. She rolled and slid off the hanging chair. Her body shrank back into a corner, grabbed a vase nearby in panic and smashed it towards his head.

Her series of movements were so fast that Luo Yibei couldn’t prevent them much less take measures in defense. He didn’t expect that the person who cooperated with him every night would suddenly make such an overly aggressive action. He slowly took a step back but the vase hit him right in the middle of his forehead.

The panting of the two rang clearly between them. Luo Yibei’s face darkened and his eyes turned furiously at her, “Fang Chixia!”

Fang Chixia was stupefied by his roar and sobered up a bit.

She stared blankly at his face, looked at the murder weapon on her hand and hurriedly threw the vase behind her.

“Are you okay?” She asked awkwardly. She wanted to go and check on him but afraid of being thrown out, she didn’t dare take a step forward.

“Who else did you think there will be?” The third day of their marriage has ended up with “domestic violence”, Luo Yibei’s face clouded.

Fang Chixia maintained her composure but her face looked embarrassed.

“Shouldn’t you explain?” Luo Yibei swept over her face, his eyes chilly.

“I was asleep. I forgot where I was….Oh… hehe..” She accompanied it with a smile. Only this time, her smile was a bit forced.

Luo Yibei stared at her in silence and thought of the first time she had seen her. He could roughly guess something.

Did she spend everyday of the last few years with the Fang’s in such trepidation?

“I really didn’t mean it. Are you alright? I’ll help you!” Fang Chixia saw that he looked better, slowly moved over and held his head to have a look.

Fortunately, there was no wound but a place in his forehead close to his hairline was bit red.

Her movements were gentle which calmed Luo Yibei’s fury a little.

Forget it. For her pathetic sake, he’ll let her off the hook for once!

“Why did you come back all of a sudden?” Fang Chixia pushed him to sit on the hanging chair where she had just laid on and helped him get an ice pack. Then she was pulled over by him.

“Sit down!” he demanded and motioned at his legs.

Fang Chixia generally cooperates with him in the evening. But, being intimate with him suddenly during the day made her feel very uncomfortable.

She stared at him shyly, wavered, but still walked over.

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