Chapter 41: How shameless!

Fang Chixia froze as her face changed in horror at his words.

Last night, they were both in the bathroom and she was still haunted by it.

As she entered the shower, she panicked out of his arms and pushed him out. “You go out first! Get out!”

“Does it matter?” Luo Yibei grunted lazily and unemotionally at her protests.

Fang Chixia blushed again rendered speechless. She didn’t know what to say anymore.

How really shameless!

Luo Yibei quietly enjoyed the change of emotions on her face. He leaned to her side and smoothly turned on the showerhead to her disheveled hair.

“pshshshsh”, the warm water sprayed down like rain and the first to get soaked was Fang Chixia.

Her dress was originally inspired by swans so after she got drenched, it was pieced into one. The picture was akin to a swan that has come to the surface, even with the water running down her cheeks.

“Luo Yibei, what are you doing?” She yelled at him, aggravated by his behavior.

Her roar was a bit loud and looked at him ferociously resembling a little wildcat.

Luo Yibei raised a brow, a little surprised with her appearance, but his hand movements didn’t stop its course.

“Since it’s all wet, I’ll take it off for you!” he gently answered back in all seriousness but what he did was at odds with his words.

“Don’t do this… Don’t…Ah ~” Fang Chixia wriggled in his arms, she wasn’t finished talking but because of his sudden movement, it converted into a low cry.

Yibei’s hand pinched her below the belt.

“Bastard!” Fang Chixia’s face was as red as blood. She lifted her arms to beat him but he took her wrist and leaned her against the glass behind her….

In the bathroom, the fog became dense.

The water from the showerhead was still flowing “hua hua”….

Fang Chixia didn’t know how long it lasted but her limbs turned weak and her voice sounded irrationally unclear, “Luo Yibei, don’t, we will continue tomorrow, okay?”

“Tomorrow?” the man beside her only chose a word and appeared satisfied with the proposal.

At this time, Fang Chixia didn’t know what she was talking about. Not to mention that today has not ended yet, she has already thrown herself into another deep pit.
Seeing that he seemed to be listening, she quickly nodded in agreement, “Yes, tomorrow.”

“Okay, tomorrow.” Thin lips curved up. Luo Yibei was rarely easy to talk to. He wrapped a towel around her and carried her out of the bathroom.

Two people went back to the bedroom. A moment after her head touched the pillow, Fang Chixia slept tiredly.

Fang Chixia has a bad habit since she grew up. When she sleeps, she sleeps very lightly and she always couldn’t sleep.

This was developed when she was with the Fang Family, mainly to guard herself against the wolf Fang Rong.

At any time, Fang Rong would pounce voraciously so Fang Chixia always protected herself very carefully, even when sleeping. She always had to watch out for him at all times.

But, since arriving at Luo Yibei’s villa, she didn’t know whether she was being tired by him too much or something else, she could basically fall asleep at night.

– One night, no dreams….

4 thoughts on “Chapter 41: How shameless!”

  1. Thank you for translating this. I just start reading and been so into it. Will be waiting for the next release 🙂


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