Chapter 33: You can get shot lying down

Fang Chixia understood. She moved around the front of the car, pulled the car door open and sat down.

The road to Luo Yibei’s villa wasn’t actually easy to follow, but since he said nothing , she in turn didn’t know anything.

The car pulled out of the villa and slowly left the beach.

While passing through the plaza, an advertisement for a new season of jewelry was playing on a huge TV screen just above the square.

The ad was about a newly designed necklace styled beautifully in the shape of a star. It was similar to Asteria, a necklace that stunned the world more than two decades ago.

The background was very beautiful, a pure white world. Pieces of feathers were falling with the necklace on snow-white sheets. The picture was visually appealing.

The name of the designer was – Sha Zhixing!

Rongxi International’s ace designer, an icon in the jewelry design industry, the former Chief Executive of the Luo Family – Luo Xichen’s wife, and the first lady of Rongxi.

Fang Chixia usually read books about design when she had nothing else to do. She also likes to understand some aspects of jewelry design. When she made out Sha Zhixing’s name, her eyes were full of undisguised appreciation.

She sized up the advertisement for a good while and even pulled Luo Yibei’s hand to let him see, “This design is very beautiful, right?”

The grim-faced man ignored her and focused driving.

“I heard that Miss Sha is the first lady of Rongxi International. Her husband’s business is also just this field. The couple’s careers really suit each other. It’s only natural that Rongxi International is now a business empire, no?”

“How much talent do you think a child born in a family like this has in terms of jewelry appreciation? While others were playing with modeling clay as children, the children in the Luo family should have been playing with jewelry as toys, right?”

“I also heard that Mr. Luo Xichen and Miss Sha Zhixing were childhood sweethearts. Mr. Luo is usually cold. But let’s say, a childhood sweetheart is so sweet and so loving and uses sentimental words in the face of a person who is cold all day, isn’t that harmonious?”

“I also heard that they have two sons and a daughter. Such a cold man gave birth to a son, he would also be aloof, right? Now that there are two icebergs in the family, when the family have a family gathering, wouldn’t it be like ice and snow?”

She said a lot in a row. It was very clear that after seeing the jewelry advertisement of Rongxi, people couldn’t help but gossip and while talking about it, they would become more and more enthusiastic.

Even if there were a few Mr. Luo’s, Sha Zhixing who was totally innocent could still be shot while lying down.

The veins on Luo Yibei’s forehead subtly popped out twice.

He turned sideways and looked at her stonily, “Have you said enough yet?”

Fang Chixia glared at him sullenly, stuck out her tongue and turned her head nonchalantly to look at the scenery outside.

He didn’t talk to her and put on a cold face instead. Who would look at his face?

Luo Yibei surveyed her side view with his eyes very deep.

Her acting was really good. If it weren’t for yesterday when she appeared outside Rongxi building, he would be almost convinced that she really didn’t know anything about his background!

The car quieted down following his remarks.

After the car stopped at gate C, Fang Chixia went straight in.

At lunch, she went out of the school with An An. The two were eating when the restaurant’s huge TV screen was suddenly replaced by a character interview.

Fang Chixia didn’t care at first and had her head lowered down eating her meal. Until An An’s exclamation sounded, “The young master of Rongxi International, Yes!!!!”

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