Chapter 10: The scandal reporters broke into

Fang Chixia soaked in the bubble bath for about forty minutes.

After tossing inside for a long time, she came out wrapped in a bath towel. Then outside the door, a knock suddenly came.

Fang Chixia froze for a instant, her heart tensed up.

“Who?” Afraid it was Fang Rong, she asked cautiously.

“Miss, room service. I am delivering breakfast!” Came a respectful voice from the waiter.

Fang Chixia heaved a sigh. Taking a few steps, she cracked the door open wanting to fetch the food, but then, without warning, a push against the door forced her back, followed by a commotion.

The cold door a moment ago immediately turned into a boiling pot.

“Master Luo, I heard you had a rendezvous with Miss Ji Ai here last night, did you?”

“Master Luo, what is your relationship with Miss Ji Ai?”

“Miss Ji Ai is only seventeen this year. Master Luo, for such a heavy taste, is there anything you want to say?”

“How does Master Luo explain Miss Ji Ai’s going in and out of Luo’s home?”

“How long have you been going out together? Has it been approved by both families?”


One by one, like a ferocious tide raging, she was swept by overwhelmingly.

Fang Chixia gave no response to the immediate situation. A strong flash of light in her direction, followed by a succession of “click” shutter sounds reverberated in the doorway.

Wrapped only in a bath towel, she lowered her head and automatically raised her arm to block her face.

She wanted to scuttle back into the room with the door closed but the force of too many people outside was no match to her one woman’s strength. She wasn’t able to withstand it!

“Don’t shoot! Stop filming!” Fang Chixia dodged from side to side and covered her face. Ignored by the swarm of reporters guarding the door like hornets out of their nests, all crazily crowded in her direction.

The spectacle was a mess.

Fang Chixia retreated forcibly with the crowd and in a blink of an eye was quickly squeezed into a patty.

As another man readied himself to push in, another struck her so hard that she reeled back.

Facing Chixia swayed unstably for a while then slammed into the wall next to her.

Flustered, she hurriedly tried to steady herself. At the right moment, a pair of arms faster than her, actually hugged her waist close.

When she lifted her head up, a lot of shadows already surrounded him.

The male lead has finally appeared so the group of reporters completely burst out with joy.

“Master Luo, please speak up!”

“Yes, speak up!”

The crowd frantically surrounded the two, the fingers on the shutter buttons kept pressing “click click” non-stop. It seemed like the films would be used up soon.

Fang Chixia couldn’t adapt to the situation at the moment. Not wanting to expose her face, she buried her face into Luo Yibei’s arms.

Just before yesterday, she was still a college student who was more innocent than a white paper. Although she has already been tainted this morning, in front of so many reporters, how would she marry if her night with a man came to light? How would other people look at her when she walks around her school?

Moreover, Fang Chixia also didn’t want the matters of last night to reach her foster father’s ears.

She panicked a little and continuously shielded herself without lifting her face.

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