Chapter 9: The price of acting recklessly

“What the hell do you want?” Embarrassed by her position, Fang Chixia attempted to free her leg several times without success.

Since her struggles were futile, she simply gave up. “Don’t you think it’s boring to keep me locked up like this?”

“Oh? What do you think is fun?” With his eyes on her, he loosened his grip on her leg.

Fang Chi Xia held his gaze for two seconds and in Luo Yibei’s glassy eyes, her body suddenly inclined towards him, two little hands landed against his chest, and her pink lips leaned closer to his face…

A kiss as soft as the touch of water, which did not go any further, stopped right there. Luo Yibei’s body stiffened while his lips tingled as though struck by an electric current.

Fang Chi Xia’s quiet stare stayed on him but the corner of her eyes casted a sidelong glance on the belt of his bathrobe. She then let her hands slowly ran down his chest.

Lou Yibei’s eyes darkened.

Fang Chixia’s eyes retraced and while he was distracted, she quickly pulled the sash off his robe and bundled his hands. Unfortunately, in trying to tie up the knot, she failed.

The sash was stretched open by him….

It’s not that she wasn’t fast enough but that he was too agile!

Fang Chi Xia reflexively run under the bed. But before she could even turn, the man behind her sprang up like a cheetah and pounced.

“A woman who doesn’t know how to live must pay the price!”

Accompanied by his low and heavy warning, Fang Chi Xia only felt his dark front without any reaction to the situation. Her body was pushed back a few steps and her head pillowed the thick carpet.

A long night….

Fang Chi Xia was so sore that she could hardly breathe.

When she woke up again, it was already bright.

The clothes of the two adorned the messy room. Even pieces of torn sheets evidence to the happenings of last night were everywhere.

The man beside her still has his eyes closed in deep slumber.

Every cell in Fang Chi Xia’s body screamed in pain and her bones felt like they’ve been torn apart then reattached. Every move was an agony.

Son of a bitch!

She didn’t leave immediately after cursing the man inwardly. She slowly picked up her clothes on the floor and put them on.

She wasn’t sure if Fang Rong has finally left.
Though she was lucky enough to escape his clutches last night, if she walked out of here, she might not be so lucky!

After some deliberation, Fang Chixia decided to stay and wait for the man on the bed to wake up then leave together.

Luo Yibei’s identity was still unknown to her, but since Fang Rong and the waiter didn’t dare break in, this proved that the other party must be a big shot!

She was so brazen. She really wanted to kill him last night, but today, she still has to rely on him to leave.

There was nothing wrong with being shameless. She has already lost her virginity and at a time like this, she has no other way.

As long as she could use him to leave here, after going out, if she meets that scum Fang Rong again, she would find a way to avoid him by herself.

As for the man in front of her, her body has been given to him last night. If she were to suffer any more time with him, it would just be the same as being bitten several times by a dog.

After a moment of contemplation, Fang Chi Xia turned to the bathroom, filled the bathtub with water, put some essential oil in, and gave herself a hot bath.

Warm water was a good way to alleviate the soreness so she submerged herself in. For the first time since last night, she relaxed herself down.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 9: The price of acting recklessly”

    1. Actually she wasn’t. In my understanding, she participated all the way and she was the who took the initiative for the final act.Though in this case, she was at a disadvantage because she was drugged.


  1. I’m uncomfortable with the way this went down. This guy knew she was drugged. And he still takes advantage of her. How is he not different from the other creep. She came in for refuge and he does the same thing the other guy tried to do? Even if she participated some, she wasn’t in her right senses though. He should have known better

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